O2, EE, Instagram hit by BT outage today

- Jun 28, 2014

Within the last hour we explained that BT’s broadband service has gone down today, although at the time we didn’t know how far reaching the outage was but this has become more clear now. Users are still using BT for Internet at a very slow pace with some websites and many popular services look like they are not working, which include Instagram, O2, EE, and Twitter all seem to be down today. Really there’s nothing wrong with these services and this is seen by many other broadband users having no issues.

You only need to use your mobile phone and you can see Twitter, O2, EE, Instagram, Facebook and other websites are not down. If you subscribe to BT broadband, then using any computer on your home network will show the above mentioned websites either not working or going very slow with broken images.


If you are using BT Infinity or any of their other broadband services, how is your connection to certain sites right now?

Product Reviews readers should note that accessing many websites on their phone while connected to home Wi-Fi will also mean problems. You need to discount from your Wi-FI, then connect using cellular data rather than BT. Once you do this you should see no issues with sites like Instagram, Twitter, and O2.

If you’re not with BT and have other problems with the services mentioned above, leave a comment below describing what’s wrong and see if other people can help.

Update: We’ve tried to access the BT service status page for details about this outage and it seems like their website is down as well, even from other ISPs or cellular services.

Update 2: BT has now fixed the server issues, so all should be working fine now.

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  • Jd

    Note to BT – Problems have not been resolved. Connection intermittent and slower than the normal snail connection in North East of Scotland

  • David Chow

    Back online…

  • Sam

    Fixed! Everything seems to be working now.

  • Sam

    We’re on BT Infinity and right now we can get some sites (e.g. BBC, Facebook, Google, this page…) but not others. The speed seems ok for the sites that are working.

    • Ian Miller

      I have the same thing. Some sites are fine, others are totally unavailable…. Netflix, Imgur, National Express, The Guardian… the list goes on. Countless, some big, some small.

  • Mel Stubbs

    Can’t connect to Netflix or Apple TV today. We have BT broadband but not infinity.