Next GTA Online update ‘Very Soon’, say Rockstar

- Jun 28, 2014

Rockstar has been very clear when the next GTA Online update and GTA V DLC will arrive so far this year, although we haven’t seen another blog post detailing all the updates like they did with their spring expansions. Gamers even met disappointment when the Heists DLC failed to release and instead saw a replacement with I’m not a Hipster, but there’s some good news in the fact Rockstar’s latest blog post states the next content will arrive “very soon”.

How soon is “very”? This is the question a few of you might be asking, and in our opinion you’re likely to see more Social Club Event Weekends to arrive first with new GTA Online updates being announced slightly later. GTA V patch 1.15 is likely to bring with it new content, as we’ve seen with previous patches, and it’s good to see Rockstar still planning to focus on offering up new content to keep the online experience fresh.

Rockstar’s exact words, “the next GTA Online content updates as well as more Social Club Event Weekends to be announced very soon.” Hit the comments with exactly what you want in the next update, do you have any unique ideas?

What would be your ideal update to GTA Online next other than Heists? Some of our readers already made it clear they’d be unhappy if more focus was put on launching the new PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions along with Heists being held back until the latest generation arrived with improved graphics. It’s now clear Rockstar will keep looking after the biggest fans already playing.

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  • dead nedry

    They need custom paint schemes like “San Andreas” had. Flames, racing stripes, etc. Maybe crazy hair styles, large mohawks, blue,/ red / green hair colors. Maybe some costumes like clowns, police, janitor

  • John

    I would like some revolver and motorcicle with sidecar… thnx

  • thomas

    Have a gym and casino so your character can work out and make money gambling

  • Ashterbate

    Be able to customise all your vehicles even planes,tanks and helicopters and so that in ure mechanics menu if there is a car destroyed which wasn’t insured doesn’t show up because it is irritating

  • snoop aka Netavier1

    new army vehicle and better weapons heat sinking ammo for rpg n masion with places to put our pegasus or big n better vehicle , vans that we can mod for the heists mission that can fill more than 6 players . just start looking at the we live n a lot of takers movies n put some of those things in it . u want people to keep playing u wanna keep ur big fans happy give some s%#$÷ dat we can only image wat we wanna do in real life .

  • Blazethecat62334

    Add customisations to the ATVs since you can customize bikes and dirt bikes why not ATVs and also add like a skateboard or multiple ones and like a skater update with skater hair styles, also an anime pack, and you could actually look like an anime character, and use like a swords or throwing stars and kunai I think that would be sick

  • GTA5FAN94

    I reckon you guys should put in modded neon colors colored tinted windows etc

  • Travis_Fehr

    U should add cars such as 1969 Dodge Charger RT, and the Mclaren F1, porches (nice ones) NICE trucks, I like the sandking but the 4×4 sucks(ability to switch 4×4 to rear wheel drive using the convertible button) , AND ability to customize aircraft and Pegasus vehicle!!!! Bullet proof glad in front of buzzard perhaps, ANTI TANK WEAPONS!!!! Customize semi trucks.
    10 car HOUSES IN country and city.
    Ability to put different rubbers seperate from rims to have different traction, and MORE CUSTOMIZATIONS to current vehicle BUT on the number one list is the 1969 dodge charger PLZ MORE COLORS AND RIMS

  • Cedwards1401

    A suspension upgrade that allows you to lift vehicles (ie: trucks, jeeps, SUVs, etc…).

    A suspension upgrade for hydrolics on the old school cars like the old Lincoln’s and Cadillacs

    Wheel and tire size options in each type/class

    Reiterating: purchasable mansions, not just apartments, with customizable interiors

    More vehicle body modifications across all models of cars. Some cars have tons of mods while others you may only be able to change the paint and add bulletproof tires…. Boo. If I wanna put bull horns on the front of my sandking xl I should be able to not just the bodhi!

  • Guest

    – Phone animations shown with online character(like pulling the phone out of your pocket when you are using it, putting it up to ear for calls, etc.)

    – Ability to call Trevor for cool services and to ‘request a job’

    – Receive jobs from other story characters such as Devin Weston, or Steve Haines.(maybe via email so no additional voice acting is required)

    – Ability to make character Taller/Buffer.(Although badass, my character just looks scrawny, wimpy, and clothes sometimes don’t look correctly fitted)

    KEEP IN MIND: I don’t mean to sound like i’m complaining., I love the game and I am merely suggesting a few things that have crossed my mind while playing GTA.

    Also, I don’t know if it is even possible or not to change, but I’d love if I could go into an actual crouch stance(maybe even prone position) some cover is just too low to hide behind, if i could go prone that’d be great! 🙂

  • I dare you 9999

    An excavator and be able to save semis an trailers

  • Jordan moratin

    More rims!!

  • Matt

    Actual houses and new supercars

  • Carl_Pinzi

    Zombies, animals (owning pets), neon under vehicles, sports like basketball or bowling, clubs like TBOGT, the ability to role play and work at a job or own a business (I like this one the best), crazy paint jobs (maybe matching suit designs), more enterable buildings or be able to sit in diner or somewhere and eat, SnapBack backward hats like Franklin, better tattoos and haircuts. Curtis and Nick agree with me

  • Smirf

    They should add bluetooth technology to all the newer cars so we can listen to our playlist on our handheld devices. This could be done by updating the ifruit app.

  • William

    Bandanas. drift tires for drift cars. I want something like where you can customize your own house because most of the apartments have the same interior. Skateboards. More online missions. More options for body kits, and and option to put stickers on your cars and WHAT I WOULD REALLY LIKE! Is NEON for cars! That would be the BEST!

  • josh

    A ps3 to ps4 upgrade

    • Nate Stross

      There will be one

  • Dino

    Just a revolver please. Mafia style revolver. Compact magnum.

  • The voice from no where

    Why is the payouts for bigger jobs so low like “A titan of a job”($7500 -_-). That is why people are making “coveted” playlists, that is why people are grinding in “Rooftop Rumble” and you wonder why people are still soloing coveted over and over again. You keep flashing high priced things in our face expecting us to buy $700,000 things and $500,000 things while you give us week payouts in jobs. I got all i have in the game by grinding, because i damn sur ain’t gonna waste my money in this game wether i matter or not.
    ::Another commenter: So why do you feel like you need to buy them.:: To have a fighting chance against those who cheat thru the whole game especially in races.
    ::Another commenter: This isn’t nothing but a complaining message.:: I don’t care what this is to u. This is me getting some things off my chest.
    Thee only thing that keeps me from throwing the disc in a furnace is the amount of fun that is still in it, and being able to grind in it. Wether i matter or not if you remove all ways of grinding I will for sure throw this disc in the trash after throwing it against a wall, and play Battlefield 4 wether i matter or not.

    • Trey

      You should let people own pets, have houses and not just apartments, you should be able to buy the stuff for your house and customize it yourself and should be able to get a job to work at life a real one but still get to do missions and you should be able to own businesses