GTA V Online character playable on PS4 and PS3?

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 28, 2014

Questions still remain over the ability to use your Grand Theft Auto V Online character on the PS3 after a transfer to PS4, or the same could be said with using your GTA V Online profile with both the Xbox One and 360 at the same time. Since we received news about the popular open world game coming to PC and new generation consoles, there’s been more questions asked than answered with a lot more details needed in regard to moving between console systems.

Rockstar has created a page touching on GTA Online Characters and progression transfer from either PS3 or Xbox 360 to PC, Xbox One, and PS4. This page can be seen on the support pages here, although it lacks the finer details and hundreds of questions are being directed at Rockstar’s Twitter support channel.

You can see one tweet below asking for more insight on moving from GTA V PS3 to PS4. Rockstar simply directed this gamer to the above support page that doesn’t answer their question, so of course this GTA fan asked again with a few others about using profiles on more than one PlayStation in different generations.

Would you like to play GTA V on both last and current generation consoles? It’s hard to see why someone would want to do this, but by the tweet above, it’s clear some people want to.

We’ve reached out to Rockstar for more clarification on transferring stats and character progression, but are yet to receive a comment other than the official “more information on the way” message. When the full details arrive about transferring systems, we’ll be sure to keep gamers informed.

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  • Mark

    I stuck with PS3 because of GTA V… if my character is transferable I’m getting a PS4 and obviously buying a copy of GT V PS4… (= £ 4 Rock*), otherwise I won’t move. I aint starting again after sooooo many hours gaming!

  • Sasori Nagashi

    How could it possibly be hard to understand why someone would want to play on both? I have several friends who only have last gen consoles and many other friends who converted to PS4 from Xbox 360 who I can’t play with on last gen (or Sony people who just never bought it for last gen)

  • josh

    All I want to know is will there be a ps3 to ps4 upgrade?

  • Tim