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Pioneer Free Me XW-LF3, XW-LF1 price and release details

Pioneer has unveiled two new portable Bluetooth speakers, allowing you to listen to music on your smartphone or tablet. The two models are the Free Me XW-LF3 and XW-LF1 and are pretty much the same in terms of specs, although they are finished in different materials. If you are looking for a speaker that is slim, stylish and lightweight, then Pioneer has you covered.

These two speakers are not only perfect for listening to music from mobile devices, but also offers hands-free calling, perfect if you have one of these on your desk and wish to set-up a conference call.

Pioneer Free Me XW-LF3 and XW-LF1 Bluetooth speakers are also ideal for traveling, so if you are off on vacation or plan a trip to the beach. The added benefit is the addition of NFC, which allows it to connect to any other device that supports this technology.

This is an easier way to connect a device, as you only need to tap the top of the speaker and your mobile device with NFC for then to connect with each other.

Pioneer Free Me XW-LF3

Don’t worry if your music device does not have these features, as you can also connect directly with its 3.5 mm auxiliary input.

You can find more details on the Pioneer XW-LF3 and XW-LF1 by visiting the website, and we can tell you that price wise the former will cost $199, and the latter $149 when released in November. The more expensive model is finished in leather, whereas the cheaper unit is a mixture of Rubber and a paint-like texture.



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