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Opera Mini iOS update gets another desktop feature

It was just yesterday when Opera Mini for iOS received it latest update, and brought with it several much-need features and improvements. What makes this mobile version of Opera all the more special is how it gets yet another feature taken from the desktop version.

The update also has something else that you might be pleased of, even though its several months late, and that is a cleaner look to make it blend in perfectly with iOS 7. This is pretty funny seeing as though iOS 8 is around 3 months away, although it shouldn’t look any different than iOS 7.

iOS Mini version 8.0.0 for the iPhone and iPad now comes with three modes, standard, which does not compress files, Mini mode, which compresses images and text, and now Turbo mode, which is a sort of in-between because it compresses files around half the amount as Mini.

That’s not all, there are now some new themes, so that when the standard version gets a bit too boring you can change it to a more visually striking theme.

Main changes include, Complete UI overhaul, new compression mode and theme, Discover 
and finally a QR code reader.

Looking on the Google Play Store we can see that Opera Mini for Android has also received an update, although it doesn’t seem to contain the same features as the new iOS version.



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