Final Fantasy XV Vs Kingdom Hearts 3 desire

By Alan Ng - Jun 27, 2014

We are all waiting to see Square Enix show new Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay, but unfortunately the developer kept us waiting at E3 2014 with another no show.

On the whole though, things are starting to look up for Square-Enix after a few years of difficulty. Final Fantasy XIV looks great in its new form, while there has been much praise for finally delivering on a Western version of Final Fantasy Type-0.

After the release embarrassment involving Final Fantasy Versus XIII, it’s good that Square-Enix now has their priorities clear and can focus on making Final Fantasy XV the best Final Fantasy since FFX.

With both games seemingly due out in 2015, are you willing to spend money on both titles or are you only planning to buy one? If the latter is the case then, which would you choose between Final Fantasy XV Vs Kingdom Hearts 3?

The hype for Kingdom Hearts 3 is just as high if not higher than Final Fantasy VX so it’s a difficult call to make. The gameplay demo that Square-Enix showed off in Japan looked incredible and there has been a long long wait since Kingdom Hearts 2 on the PS2 way back in 2005.

We were disappointed not to see more of both games at E3 2014. Square-Enix had even pre-warned fans before the show though that we wouldn’t get a new reveal – they know how bad gamers want to play both of these games.

All eyes are on the Tokyo Game Show in September 2014, when hopefully we will get solid release dates for both Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3.

As we wait for the news, let us know what game takes priority for you – Are you waiting to play Final Fantasy XV above anything else, or is it actually Kingdom Hearts 3 that you will buy ahead of FF15?

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  • Aaron K Stone

    Xenoblade X.

  • Ultragamer

    It seems like Square Enix is focusing on ffxv more it will probably be the best one in the series and Kingdom Hearts has too many Disney characters for me.

  • Ultragamer

    I am waiting for ffxv in particular I am a big fan of final fantasy and ffxv looks like the best one since ffx the graphics are stunning plus kh3 is coming out much later.

  • Chris

    And I’m a huge fan of both kh has always been my favorite series but 15 is supposedly if it hasn’t been changed much since it’s rebrand is just a more mature kh with my second favorite series’ name

  • Chris

    Why do people still think they are Comin out anywhere near the same year. The team that makes kingdom hearts is the team that is making ff15 look through old interviews you’ll see numora didn’t even want to reveal kh3 because he knew it was no where near being finished.

  • Ducked

    Kingdom Hearts 3 without question. The wait for kh3 has been longer, since March 2006. Final Fantasy XV looks really good now that Square knows what direction to take the series, but Kingdom Hearts 3 is destined to succeed. However I’m unsure if Kh3 will even be out in 2015. Nomura said there would be a gap between the two games, that and 2015 has tons of big games coming out. Batman Arkham Knight, Star Wars Battlefront, Legend of Zelda, Uncharted 4, and Halo 5. That being said I expect Kingdom Hearts 3 for a early 2016 release date in the west. And expect Final Fantasy to release over the summer of 2015.

  • noby

    I am still waiting for final fantasy xv.

  • LiquidFox

    I’ll rent. Haven’t cared for the direction Square Enix has taken Final Fantasy since X-2 but that’s me being more of an old-school fan of the series. I’m pretty mixed on what I’ve seen so far of XV and in particular how they’ve managed its development.

  • Damn you Square

    Just release FFXV. ‘On top or flop’ I don’t care anymore just finish it up and give me the damn release date.

  • Chris

    For me its FF XV. I have been waiting for this game ever since that teaser at E3 last year. Its time for a new one instead of rehashing the same character 3 times over. FF XIII 1-3 got a little better as the series continued, but I want open-play, combat like the upcoming Dragon Age, keep single player, amazing weapons, and a much bigger game (like how metal gear 5 is suppose to be).

  • zenobia

    I will get final fantasy xv first.

  • Spoonyrogdrumps

    I’m not buying anything until I see reviews and demo the game for myself.
    I used to throw money at Squaresoft. Square Enix lost my “throw money at you rights” for making crap that doesn’t deserve the name Final Fantasy.
    I don’t care what anyone thinks.

  • Anon

    I’m more excited & want FF15 more. But I also want KH3. I just want FF15 more bc I’ve been waiting for that damn game for years.

  • King Chibi

    what embarrassment… FF13 and 14 was an embarrassment. do you even know anything about XV’s development? god i dont get these ppl. they write all this stuff arm chair quarter back… and stop with kh3. its not being released anytime soon. XV is. smh. sigh you ppl really need to do some research

  • Tyler Morgan

    I don’t care about which I want more, I just hope for a bundle pack with PS4 , for either of the games.

  • Matteo Italo Giromini


  • Jackie

    i will get both but i want to play ffxv more

  • Sigurd Simensen

    final fantasy 15 all the way for me. never got time to get into the kingdom hearts series.

    • Ducked

      You should give it a try while you’re waiting for Final Fantasy XV. It’s a great game series!

  • Dylan

    Kingdom hearts 3 is not coming in 2015 multiple times Nomura has said that it is very far out. They are focusing on FFXV and once that is complete they will give kh3 their full focus.