Xbox One Games with Gold July update Vs PS Plus

We have some good news for those on Xbox One, as Microsoft has just finalised the Xbox One Games with Gold July update. We now know which games will be coming to you for free next month, meaning some of you can make a comparison with Sony’s PS Plus update for July.

As we told you earlier this week, Towerfall Ascension and Strider are the two free PS4 games that Sony are offering, with Towerfall being an indie game, but arguably the pick of the two after receiving excellent review scores.

Now, we can tell you that Guacamelee is the main free game on Xbox Live. You may remember that Microsoft initially promised two free games a month, but now it has been confirmed that MAX: The Curse the Brotherhood is staying free for another month.

It’s a bit sneaky from Microsoft after saying that there would be two free games – but it works for those that didn’t have the opportunity to play it yet – you now have another month to do so starting from July 2 when the update will go live.

Does this mean that we can say that Sony offers the best content for July on PS Plus, Vs July’s Games for Gold content? If you are looking in from the outside, let us know your thoughts on this and who you think offers the best content at the moment.



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