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Nexus 10 2014 missing at Google I/O

As we told you in an earlier report, Google has finally shown the new version of Android albeit with a tease of Android L only. With one expected announcement down, Android fans were hoping to see the other big unveil but unfortunately the wait for a Nexus 10 2014 model goes on.

Even now, with Apple preparing to unleash a new collection of new 2014 iPad models and Samsung launching multiple Galaxy tablets this year already – Google are still not ready to show the world their new tablet.

Consumers are obviously keen to find out what the hold up is and are probably justified in doing so since it has been two years since Google launched the last Nexus 10 tablet in November 2012.

We were praying that Google would spring a last minute surprise at I/O by unleashing the Nexus 10, but sadly it wasn’t to be. It would have been amazing if the tablet was hiding backstage, ready for Sundar Pichai to just whip it out casually and tell everyone that the Nexus 10 would be coming soon.

We know that the tablet has been built already, so it’s difficult to understand what is taking so long. Judging by the comments above, it appears that a lot of you are asking the same questions as well.

Let us know if you tuned into Google I/O live, specifically to witness a Nexus 10 announcement that didn’t happen. Are you now prepared to pick up an iPad Air 2 instead if Google are not planning to release it this year?



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