Destiny beta on Xbox One starts in July

By Alan Ng - Jul 2, 2014

Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners may feel a little hard done by after seeing Bungie switch their allegiance to Sony and the PlayStation. However, we do have some good news to bring Xbox owners now with a solid update on when the Destiny beta on Xbox One will start.

As most of you know, Destiny has been in alpha testing. Leaked footage has emerged showing the game in action, but the general public will all get their first proper taste of the game in July.

We know that PS4 and PS3 PS Plus members will get to play the beta on July 17. The image above states that the Xbox One Destiny beta release date will be at the end of July, meaning that PlayStation users get an extra week of exclusivity.

This is on top of the Destiny timed-exclusive content on PlayStation that is set to last a whole year in a ground-breaking deal between Sony and Activision – sounds strange saying that doesn’t it?

A week isn’t long to wait at all though. Destiny is going to be amazing regardless of what platform you are playing on. Let us know if you are still getting the Xbox One version of the game, despite the favoritism towards Sony.

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  • It should be about the games

    I think it was either a clever move by Sony, or that maybe Bungie actively went about creating an allegiance with them so as not to directly compete with the Halo offerings on the Xbox. It makes sense to get a more-or-less confirmed player-base on a console that doesn’t offer any real alternative. As an Xbox owner I do feel a little miffed but then again I know I’ll be putting in hours of playtime on the Master Chief Collection when that arrives. With PS4 owners not having that option, it makes sense to join with them.