Battlefield Hardline 60FPS multiplayer potential

It is going to be a good weekend for gamers we feel, especially those that earn money from uploading content to YouTube. We can now reveal that YouTube have come good on their promise, with support for 60FPS YouTube videos now starting to rollout.

To celebrate, we can bring you the official Battlefield Hardline multiplayer trailer, which EA has now uploaded in full 60FPS in light of YouTube making the crucial changes.

Before, uploaders and viewers had to endure a reduction in quality as YouTube capped videos at 30FPS only. Now switch to 1080p on a proper 60FPS upload and you should see a big difference.

Remember that you’ll need to have a computer and a decent internet connection to be able to see the differences. This particular look at Battlefield Hardline multiplayer is a great example though, showing even more intensity in full action scenes.


This is going to change YouTube in a big way, especially for the gaming community. Also remember that you may need to be using YouTube HTML5 in order to see the full 60FPS effect – it will vary depending on your resources.

Watch the video below on YouTube and let us know if you can see the differences with 60FPS or not. Does it make you even more excited for Hardline now that you can see some proper 60FPS gameplay?



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