ASUS smartwatch price confirmed, sort of

It was the first day of Google I/O yesterday and one of the main topics of conversation were the two Android Wear devices. Both the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live went up for pre-order yesterday, while other Wear smartwatches will keep us waiting, such as ASUS’s effort.

Likely ASUS smartwatch price and release date – While ASUS has yet to come out and announce official pricing or confirming its release date, a source familiar with the company believes they know these two vital details.

The ASUS Android Wear device is expected to cost between $99 and $149, and even if it were closer to the higher price, then it will still be very competitive against its rivals. And, as for its possible release date, this looks as though it will be around September.

ASUS decided they did not wish to rush the release if its smartwatch, which is why we never got to see it during Google’s I/O keynote yesterday. However, this could come back to haunt them, as it is expected that a host of new smartwatches will be released around that time or a little later so they have a stronghold on the market during the Holiday Season.

From what we have seen, Motorola seems to be winning the smartwatch award for best design, although we cannot wait to see what Apple comes up with its so-called iWatch.



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