Android Swedish Fish release mystery

We know that the next version of Android will be called Android ‘L’, as Google revealed it briefly at Google I/O just hours ago. An interesting Tweet during the event has caught our eye though, possibly teasing a future Android release called Android Swedish Fish.

Traditionally, Google has named their versions of Android after candy, sweets or various treats. It has been a lot of fun for Android fans to predict what future versions will be called and now we may have an early teaser for what the Android S name could turn out to be in years to come.

The tease has been made by Matt Cutts, the head of spam at Google’s web team. It could be nothing, but take a look at what he Tweeted during the event:

Also pay attention to the fact that Swedish Fish has been written in capital letters too – why we wonder? Swedish Fish just also happens to be the name of a popular pack of sweets which you can see above – similar to wine gums and a product of Sweden, but also available in USA too.

Again, this could be nothing at all. We thought it was worth a mention though, and judging by the subsequent comments that Cutts has received underneath the Tweet – a lot of you are in detective mode as well.

Give us your thoughts on this and let us know if you think Swedish Fish could be a future name for a version of Android. Would it be a popular choice in your opinion?



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