PS3 4.60 update problems after installation

Yesterday we told you that a PS4 1.72 update had gone live, but unfortunately did not bring any new features for users to enjoy. Now, we have confirmation that Sony has released the PS3 4.60 update, but again new features it seems are hard to come by on this occasion.

Security and stability updates are the flavour of the month for Sony as both PS4 and PS3 users sit and wait for new functionality to arrive on their respective consoles.

However, we have seen some worrying reports suggesting that the PS3 4.60 is bricking consoles. It’s obviously not widespread yet, but more than one user has revealed on the Neogaf gaming forums that it has happened to them after installing the 4.60 update.

One potential solution if you have experienced similar problems is to hold down the PS3 power button until you hear two beeps and try again. Having said that, some of the affected users in the thread above stated that it happened again after trying that method so it could be pot luck.

If you are still gaming daily on your PS3, let us know if you have had any problems with your console after updating to PS3 4.60. Any other reports of bricked devices?



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