PS3 4.60 update problems after installation

By Alan Ng - Jun 25, 2014

Yesterday we told you that a PS4 1.72 update had gone live, but unfortunately did not bring any new features for users to enjoy. Now, we have confirmation that Sony has released the PS3 4.60 update, but again new features it seems are hard to come by on this occasion.

Security and stability updates are the flavour of the month for Sony as both PS4 and PS3 users sit and wait for new functionality to arrive on their respective consoles.

However, we have seen some worrying reports suggesting that the PS3 4.60 is bricking consoles. It’s obviously not widespread yet, but more than one user has revealed on the Neogaf gaming forums that it has happened to them after installing the 4.60 update.

One potential solution if you have experienced similar problems is to hold down the PS3 power button until you hear two beeps and try again. Having said that, some of the affected users in the thread above stated that it happened again after trying that method so it could be pot luck.

If you are still gaming daily on your PS3, let us know if you have had any problems with your console after updating to PS3 4.60. Any other reports of bricked devices?

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  • Guest

    I’ve had 360’s & ps3’s & what I’ve decided is that game consoles are undependable!! If something happens to your console, you pay more money.. Has anyone ever had any hardware problems with a PC? No. The hardware may be more expensive, but it lasts a hell of a lot longer!

  • SonySUCKS!!!

    I think Sony rolled out this update to brick the ps3 consoles so people would go out & buy ps4’s! Right after I installed the update, it caused my ps3 to stop working.. VERY FRUSTRATING because this is SONY’S FAULT & there’s nothing you can do besides spend money repairing the console.


    I’m not buying your SH1T anymore! I’m going PC!!!

    • nick57

      I agree.. Immediately after updating to 4.60, my HDMI output has been disabled.. I say disabled because I can pick up the connection but upon connecting it goes black!

  • Lucas Madrigal

    any solution?

  • Gerald2020

    Sony refused to do anything. Spoke to an agent and supervisor. Said there is no way the software update could cause the red blinking light and the 3 beeps. 45 minutes later all he would offer is the $129.95 repair service.

  • Gerald2020

    Everything was fine and I had no issues. The 4.6 update occurred and the next time I turned it on I experienced the red light of death. I have an early model CECHE01 and my disc is inside. Rather exact timing for my console to die.

  • jp

    Very very slow fifa fut13 after updating

  • iota1

    Killed my PS3 too.

  • Zero

    I update my PS3 today
    I don’t know if it is related to firmware but it seems that it can’t ready blue-ray games
    before update I was able to play it without any problem, after update I can’t
    the disc is not even running, I mean the same position as I insert it without any change
    Is it a hardware problem or firmware ?
    forgive my poor English

  • aussieps33

    Bricked my ps3 as well ;(

  • Omaar Mohamed

    i just updated my ps3 system yesterday and it`s now 4.60 version
    and today i got banned 🙁 🙁 🙁 without a reason
    and i don`t know why ??
    is it because of the new update ????
    what should i do ?
    please anyone help
    The Error Message:

    Access to sony entertainment network from this system has been banned or temporarily suspended

  • Technik7

    i have the same problem in my PS3 🙁 Black Screen !

  • Will

    My Ps4 is wrecked, nothing loads, lack screens follow and even when you try and turn it off nothing happens!!

  • Benjamin Bosveld

    Yep totally screwed with my system. Games won’t play normal anymore. Not even from disk and it’s very very slow

    • jp

      yes, fifa13 fut is now very very slow

    • Kdc34

      My ps3 won’t even accept the update. I am stuck in a endless loop of failing to install update 4.60.