PlayStation Now new games with PS2 classic

Following on from the controversy surrounding PlayStation Now prices, we bring you some fresh news on Sony’s upcoming streaming service. The company has just released new games for the beta, but unfortunately there has been no change to the price system after the outcry from those looking in and indeed those who are currently beta testing PS Now.

While Sony are facing criticism over its expensive prices for PS Now, there can be no complaints that there isn’t enough content to test. We can see that a new update has now gone live this week with another six games for users to test.

These games are not AAA quality by any means, but one of them is a PS2 classic that originally appeared on the SEGA Dreamcast. That game is none other than Resident Evil: Code Veronica X which is available for those with a beta code.

Like many other games though, it isn’t free any more. At the start of the PS Now beta, testing was free for all games but now you’ll even have to pay to test. Prices for this Resident Evil game start from $2.99 for 4 hours, $5.99 for 7 days and full $14.99 for 90 days of access.

A quick glance online and we can see that other retailers are selling the game for $19.99 – $5 more than Sony, but obviously the game is yours to keep.

It’s great to see titles like this coming out of the closet, but will gamers be put off by these types of prices? Give us your reaction below.

We may see Crash Bandicoot revived soon, but at what price?!



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