No Skyrim PS4 release a missed opportunity

By Alan Ng - Jun 25, 2014

Bethesda has been very quiet lately, with many gamers expecting that Fallout 4 is the next major game that is being worked on at the moment. However, we would still love to see Skyrim on PS4 though – especially when dreaming of the thought of a PS4 version coming with the creation kit.

It has been somewhat strange that we haven’t seen an announcement on this, as we are willing to bet that PS4 owners would love to play through Skyrim again if it came to PS4 in 60FPS and 1080p.

We would even be willing to pay again if it happened and we’re guessing many other Elder Scrolls fanatics would too if Bethesda could really promise extras such as the Creation Kit.

Bethesda wouldn’t have the excuse on saying that the PS4 hardware couldn’t handle it, as we can clearly see that the hardware is capable. Having Skyrim on PS4 with mods would be a sight to behold and arguably we would love to see it ahead of Fallout 4.

As you can see from some social feedback above, other gamers feel the same way too. We were recently treated to a new breathtaking graphics mod for the PC version and it made us think about how amazing it would be to see similar graphics on a PS4 version.


Should Bethesda re-think their decision to forget about bringing the game out for PS4 and Xbox One platforms? It looks like a missed opportunity for us if they bring out Fallout 4 next and forget all about Skyrim.

Could the main reason simply be down to Elder Scrolls Online being on PS4 and Xbox One? If that is the case, we ask you the simple question – What would you rather play on PS4: ESO or a enhanced version of Skyrim with Creation Kit support?

We know what we would choose. Watch the beautiful mod below and let us know your thoughts on the lack of Skyrim for PS4. Would you buy the game again hands down?

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  • AirWorthyRain

    I would be willing to pay the full 60 dollars to play it on ps4 because i never got to fully enjoy it on last gen

  • Z

    F’ yes I’d buy it.

  • sublimetalmsg

    This is stupid…. why does every one want rehashed games with uped graphics. No I do not care about another rerelease. I want a next Gen or a new fallout

    • Brando Williams

      I feel the same way. Unless it’s a sequel to skyrim I have no interest in playing it.

  • Sealfin

    Sure skyrim ps4 would be epic. Addition of the g.e.c.k. would be as amazing. But in no way would it be a missed opportunity to bring FO4 beforehand. In my opinion, saying so doesnt even make sence. What is this once in a lifetim opportunity theyd miss? Its not a now-or-never type situation. I want fallout way more than skyrim. Hell, i want FO4 more than a sky2, but thats just me. my bet is we see a new ES game entirely that blows skyrim out of the water for ps4 in 2016 2017.

  • Luke Barber

    That would be cool on PS4 but I don’t think Bethesda will. The way the game was on PS3 was just terrible, I officially write off any of there future games until they fix the rift they caused. And for me the only way they can do that is re-releasing it on Xbox One and PS4. But we all know they don’t really care.