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New iPad Air 2 Touch ID evidence

A few days ago we told you about a picture that had apparently leaked, appearing to show the iPad Air 2 with a Touch ID sensor alongside the iPhone 6. Now, it looks like Apple are definitely planning to make this change as three days on, another image has appeared.

It is almost a certainty that the new iPad models in 2014 will include Touch ID fingerprint scanners. It shouldn’t really be treated as rumor as such, since Apple has already given away a massive hint at WWDC 2014 by revealing that iOS 8 will come with Touch ID support for third-party apps.

This is a game changer for iOS users as it will allow them to log into their favourite apps with a single fingerprint, rather than having to use a username and password – which is obviously fantastic in terms of convenience in the long run.

As we approach the end of another week and move closer to the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 events, another photo has emerged showing the elusive (or not so any more) iPad Air 2 rocking Touch ID.

The image has surfaced from well known leak specialists NowhereElse.Fr and you can see that the Touch ID looks exactly the same as it does on the iPhone 5S. We imagine that it hasn’t been too difficult for Apple to just implement the same technology on a bigger screen, whilst not having to break the bank to do so either.

The exciting thing for us is to wait until the huge list of Touch ID, supported native iPad apps that will come out, allowing us to log in with fingerprint to our hearts content.

Are you ready to drop the iPad Air to exchange it for one with a Touch ID scanner instead? Hold on tight for the next leak, it shouldn’t be too long away. Don’t forget to check out a video showing a mock iPad Air 2 here.



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