Netflix 4K content part of streaming strategy

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 25, 2014

The Netflix 4K content list is growing and part of a bigger streaming strategy for this brand to position themselves as an early leader. This is the answer to some people wondering why Netflix is providing 4K streaming to the United States and Canada, but not UK.

You will find Breaking Bad and House of Cards season two available on Netflix in 4K, as part of a bigger plan considering nearly all of the US viewers don’t have 4K televisions.

There’s a number of reasons behind this strategy, although the two biggest reasons we can see would include Netflix wanting to offer 4K content to drive US ISPs to use their content-delivery system and to become a technology leader with four times the resolution of cable and satellite providers.


The Netflix 4K strategy reveals the company is focused on a long-term plan that builds on best-quality video and managing bandwidth correctly. We are in the very early stages of a resolution shift with over 400,000 4K TVs expected to ship in the US in 2014, and not even 60,000 last year.

Do you think Netflix’s 4K content strategy will pay off with ISPs eventually, or do you think other companies are already planning to get the upper hand?

Bottom-line: It will be a number of years yet before Ultra HD makes it mainstream, although one thing is for sure and that’s Netflix will be one of the best solutions for content providers to deliver 4K TV and movies. Hopefully, this will mean ISPs will start to work with Netflix rather than fighting them by charging for access.

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  • Sweet

    You need at least a 20meg Speed from your ISP to stream a 4k feed from Netflix. So Netflix needs the ISP bandwidth to deliver the content, the ISP doesn’t need Netflix all the ISP needs is the content. IMHO the ISP is in the driver seat since they don’t need Netflix,but Netflix needs them…As the customer I just want the content and whoever has it 1st will get my business.

  • Jez

    Your article is incorrect as Netflix IS available in 4K in the UK – at least it works on my 4k Samsung TV via the Netflix app. All seasons of Breaking Bad and House of Cards are available.