MGS V Phantom Pain David Hayter mystery

Those of you who are still clinging on to the hope that David Hayter, aka the iconic and original voice of Solid Snake, will appear in Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain have been dealt another hammer blow this week.

While it is already assumed that Hayter will play no part in the game after Hideo Kojima enlisted Kiefer Sutherland to take over the role, there are some conspiracy theorists out there who still believe that Hayter has tricked fans into believing that it is all a lie.

Some even think that Hayter will play a cameo part in the game towards the end, but now we have words from Solid Snake himself who has been forced to issue another statement on the matter via Twitter.

On the subject of his appearance in Phantom Pain, he had this to say to fans:

“Guys, For the millionth — and last — time. I am not in Metal Gear V. In any way. At all. No joke. Just not. True story. Best, DH”

That tweet was posted on June 23, but what is interesting is that the Tweet has since been removed. Why would Hayter remove this Tweet without good reason?

This may not end the speculation if fans see that the Tweet confirming once and for all that he isn’t in the game, has simply vanished a day after publishing.

Do you now accept that the original Snake won’t be in the game, or do you still have a gut feeling that Kojima will put him in Phantom Pain in some form or another?

How do you explain the deleted Tweet?



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