GTA V Online servers down, not working today

By Alan Ng - Jun 25, 2014

We were looking forward to having a quick session on GTA V, but it looks like the rare moment when we actually have time – we can’t. GTA V Online servers are down today, or at least we can’t connect to the game at the moment.

We logged into the game and were met with the message that says GTA V “Files required to play GTA Online could not be downloaded from the Rockstar Games Service.”

It looks like we are not the only ones having problems today either. Here is some feedback from other GTA V gamers who appear to be having the same problems that we are.

Hopefully this is just a minor issue and Rockstar are working on bringing the game back up to normal soon. The GTA V server status for us at the time of writing though is that we can’t play GTA V Online.

Have you been able to get into a game today in your area? Let us know if you have managed to fix the situation yourself, or if you are getting constant GTA V error messages like the one above.

We’ll update this when things are back to normal.

UPDATE: Well that didn’t last long. It looks like the GTA V servers are back online.

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  • Tom

    How do you think mods affected it? Rock star could be tweaking for heists or something. (YAY!)

  • This is what happens when those player mods (hacks) make their way into the system. You can look forward to much more of the same when (if) GTA is released for the PC.

    • Athrods

      Rockstar has confirmed the pc version.

      • Just like they confirmed heists. You are a fool to trust anything Rockstar has to say.

        • Athrods

          Rockstar is atleast giving you heist for free. This company could have chosen to make you pay for all the online DLC, but they are making them free. They are delaying the heist to make it better you are mad? I think you should be gratefull rather than nagging on them

        • You, sir, are confused. First, we don’t have heists, free or otherwise. I am starting to doubt that we will ever get them because Rockstar would rather sell shark cards than give us a way to make decent money in the game. Next, they are not free. Heists were advertised as being a part of the original GTA V release. They were paid for when we bought the game. What we have been getting should not be deemed DLC. It’s mostly fixes and patches (usually an effort to keep us from making money), with some overpriced crap thrown up that we have to buy with ingame money. To me, DLC is add-ons like Lost and Damned and Gay Tony for GTA IV. I would gladly pay for that kind of DLC for GTA V, but apparently Rockstar feels they can make more money for less work with their stinking, overpriced shark cards.