GTA V Online Heists with 20 players

We have some very juicy information to share on the GTA V Heists release now, as we close in on the content that Rockstar has kept everyone patiently waiting for to the point of desperation.

You know that GTA V Online Heists were meant to release in Spring, but now you should be aware that the content has been delayed again as Rockstar need further time to fine-tune their release.

This week, we bring you some leaked information, seemingly confirming that GTA V Heists will arrive in the game under the GTA V ‘Ornate Bank Heist’ tag.

Thanks to certain individuals gaining access to GTA V source code, we can also see what looks to be the official Heists description from Rockstar. Here it is in full:

“Get behind the counter of the bank, hack into the vault, steal the money and take it to the drop off location. 16 cops and 4 criminals can join this mission.”

The important information to take out of this is the apparent confirmation that the main Heists mode is going to have support for 20 players. Even more exciting is that this could be split up into actual player vs player teams, rather than against the computer which some of you may have initially thought.

16 players may have the opportunity to play as the cops, but 4 players have the chance to become criminals and bring home the most cash if selected. It sounds like brilliant fun, so we just need a confirmation on Rockstar’s website now.

Give us your reaction to the news that Heists could have 20 player server support with 16 players as cops, 4 players as robbers. Is this still going to be well worth the wait for you?



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