Flixster PS4 app still MIA

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 25, 2014

The Movies by Flixster app can be found on both Android and iOS, although it is still yet to release on PlayStation 4 even after being promised months ago. This fact has caught the eye of many Sony console owners, and they’re taking to forums trying to find out a release date for the Flixster PS4 app.

You can see this Blu-ray forum thread highlighting the fact that Sony said, “Flixster will come very soon to PS4”. Now many months on a few people are wondering how soon is “very”, although most expect the movie streaming app to release at some point in 2014.

Another post on the US PlayStation community asks, whatever happened to Flixster on the PS4? Sadly, this hasn’t even had an official reply at least giving a release window.

You’ll also find tweets every week directed at Sony and PlayStation, again asking where the Flixster PS4 app is and you can see a couple of examples in the tweets below.

Are you waiting to see the Flixster app launch on PS4? We reached out to both Sony and those behind Flixster, although we’re yet to receive a comment. From what we can tell, the Flixster PS4 app is still on the way but there’s no official word on the release other than what we all saw when promised many weeks ago.

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  • carlos

    umm byte2600 ps4 already has an ultriviolet stream app its called vudu we just want flixter to be added as well as some people have both

    • G

      Vudu is not available to everyone, only the US.

  • Byte2600

    Think of the money they make by ultraviolet and playstation 4/psn network being separate. If you bought a blueray why let you stream it on ps4 for free? They want you to buy movies twice.