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Facebook Slingshot worldwide release snubs Windows Phone

Towards the end of last week Facebook finally released its Slingshot app, which is its answer to Snapchat. However, at that time it was only available to those who reside in the US, until today. This is because the Facebook Slingshot worldwide release has just gone live and is now ready for you to download on your Android or iOS device.

While this is great news for those with and Android tablet or smartphone or iPhone and iPad, it isn’t if you have a Windows Phone device, as you have been snubbed once again. We knew that it would be a while for the Facebook Slingshot Windows Phone release, but it is just sticking the boot in to see this app released to the world rather than the US.

What we find so confusing is Windows Phone is far more popular than in previous years, and the fact that it is far easier to develop apps on. However, this is nothing new and so those of you with a WP device will just have to wait it out, although you might be pleased that Android and iOS users are being treated as Guinea pigs because there are bound to be teething issues, and the app might be a flop.

If Facebook says that the market is not yet big enough to bring Slingshot to Windows Phone at this time, then how come there is Facebook Messenger on the platform?

Let’s just wait and see what happens, but Facebook needs to take advantage of the situation fast, especially as there is currently no official version of Snapchat for Windows Phone.



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