PS4 1.72 update feature list empty

We can confirm that the PS4 1.72 update is now live. It is 194MB in size and should begin automatically downloading the next time you sign into your PS4. If you were looking for new features though, prepare for another disappointment.

We can tell you that this latest update for PS4 is another system stability update, which doesn’t appear to add any new functionality to the console. This is somewhat surprising, given the growing list of PS4 missing features that consumers are begging Sony to implement with each day.

These include MP3 support, DLNA support, audio CD support and of course a native YouTube PS4 app. None of these features are available in PS4 1.72 though and it now means that we look forward to the next update in the hope that Sony are adding new features.

Although it hasn’t been mentioned in great detail, we hope that Sony are planning to add smaller things such as Bluetooth support as well. It would be fantastic if you could suddenly export the PS4 audio out to a nearby Bluetooth speaker – a feature that would be welcome with fans we expect.

For now though, we are not complaining about this latest stability update. For all we know, it could provide some urgent bug fixes or make the system even more smoother to use under the hood.

Let us know if you have installed PS4 1.72, but found no new features either. Are you happy to receive these smaller updates, as long as it leads to something nice in a few week’s time?

Tell us your number one priority feature that needs to be added.



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