iOS 8 beta 3 needs freezing fix, not by IPSW

- Jun 28, 2014

Developers using the iOS 8 beta 3 might be experiencing a number of freezing problems with native apps and this is not by a free IPSW download, but instead from installing via the official developer center.

Our in-house developer noticed some improvements with iOS 8 beta 2 and also a few new issues with crashing, or freezing, when using iMessage, the Phone default app, and even when selecting photos. We’d expect issues at this stage, but he said “there’s a lot more freezing in iOS 8 beta 2 than I saw with early iOS 7 betas”.

The iPad mini seems to perform a lot better than an iPhone 5 in iOS 8, especially where texting with iMessage is concerned and when making phone calls. It seems to be these areas that our developer said, “are freezing up a lot randomly” and this hasn’t improved since we reported iMessage issues.

iOS 8 beta 2 changes

iOS 8 beta 3 release date window – with the iOS 7 betas we saw a new download every 2 weeks, so we’d expect the iOS 8 beta 3 to launch Monday or Tuesday next week. This would be on June 30th or July 1st.

iOS 8 beta 3 needs freezing fix

If you’re an iOS 8 developer, what fixes would you like to see arrive in beta 3? It will be interesting to see how much the release notes change, as we saw many fixes with the second beta and Product Reviews will detail the new changelog next week. Handoff is working better in the latest beta after a few problems and gives developers a better understanding of how Apple Continuity works.

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  • Chocolope Jailbreakush

    I had to downgrade from iOS Beta 2. It was working fine until a couple hours ago my iMessages would freeze every time I tried to use the Keyboard..luckily I have the Ipsw for Beta 2 I’ll just wait till July 8th and upgrade once the third is released.


    IOS 8 BETA seems to be running very exceptional on my i pod 5th gen although there is the occasional lag and when i first got it i would make a time lapse video and it wouldn’t show up for a couple of minutes (after it was saved) but one thing i can notice a lot is when i’m in my music app and i skip it crashes sometimes. Another thing is that my battery dies relatively fast. But all in all it is a beta and is running exceptional actually better than i expected, i just cant wait until it is more smooth and the music app thing is fixed.

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  • Kesh

    My lock screen freezes, Phone Freezes, This suck. 🙁

  • Raul Flores

    I guess you mean iOS 8 Beta Seed 2… Seed 3 has not been released to developers yet.

  • Marco Fernandez

    I just want to be able to answer calls on my iPhone 5. It will just continuously vibrate like i never slide to unlock. You wait like 1 minute and it will answer the call and let you talk. Then you try to hang up it hangs the call up but then your sitting with end call on the screen and nothing happens.

  • Max Wilkinson

    Nizam you sound like an idiot in all your responses. Of course you can Beta test on an old device, its coming out on them isn’t it? Would be pretty useless to leave them untested and let the issues be found at GM. What do I know, you must know everything.

    You have just under-mimed everything anyone has said and yet put in no useful information yourself. People like you should have supervisors when using the internet.

    As for the Beta, it runs well given the early stages (when its not trying to freeze on you)… I have had iMessage crashes that completely freeze the phone, screen stays on with the lights on, and all on screen display, but no matter how long i wait or what buttons i press it will not change. Then after that, if i try to reset the phone it will think it has no battery. This has happened 3 times – once at 65% and another at 18% then the third i cant remember. Each time when i charged it the phone came back on with 4%….

    • 13th Dimension

      Thank you Max.

      As for your beta results. While using the Beta do you ever have an instance where the iPhone just “blacks out” as if you locked it? The screen completely unresponsive until you press the lock button twice?

      • Raul Flores

        Yes, I have experienced that on my 5S. You need to press the Lock button, the sound plays then you are able to use the phone again. BUT I’ve also had these problem that the phone blacks out completely and you can’t bring it back by the lock button, so I have to hard reset it and then it turns on.

  • IB

    Beside all the crashing and freezing I am experiencing something else. My memory is being consumed in who knows what. im running iOS 8 beta 2 on my iPhone 5s and after installing iOS 8 beta 2 I had 4.8GB of storage. Now one week later I only have 1.6 GB. No, it’s not apps, photos, or anything like that cause now I have even less apps, less photos and my memory still goes down everyday. I have checked in the Usage and all apps are using the same amount of memory they have always used. Does anyone else have this problem?

    • DE

      I’m experiencing the same problem. When I tried to roll back to 7.1.1 it told me I couldn’t because my phone was 3.3g over on storage!

      • IB

        Exactly! I found part of what’s causing the problem…It’s iCloud Photos. After turning it off it frees almost a gig in my phone! But I have yet to find what happened to the rest of my gigs.

    • Arch Hybrid

      Have you deleted photos/videos recently? I had little memory left and I went to recently deleted photos and deleted everything from there, I got 3GB back!

      • IB

        Yes, as I said, I deleted a lot of photos and apps and I still have less than I should have do it can’t be the photos or apps. I had way more apps and photos before than I do now.

        • Raul Flores

          I had that problem with iOS Beta 1, because I restored from an iOS 7 backup. So, I did a clean Install without an iCloud Backup and everything worked better and the memory leak was so much less. Also… Some apps generate a lot of cache an it cannot get purged, for example twitter and facebook, y recommend you to uninstall and reinstall this apps periodically in order to release some space.

        • IB

          Hmm…Guess I’ll try to do a fresh install of iOS 8 and see what happens because now this is horrible. I’m down to 1.5GB. Yes, I’m aware of the apps generating cache. Thanks for the advice! I’ll update on what happens once I do a fresh iOS 8 install.

  • DE

    And my battery drains in a few hours.

  • DE

    The Google search app is unusable. The new keyboard is inconsistent. Siri doesn’t work for anything other than music. And talk to text doesn’t work at all.

    • Nizam Islam

      Cute, but google search app isn’t optimized for iOS 8, thats on google…

      • DE

        Why is that cute? I’m no android fan boy. I’m just posting what doesn’t work. Maybe you should have read my whole comment before came back with your comment that was nowhere near as “cute” as you thought it was.

      • Raul Flores

        I have no problems with all those things on my 5S.

  • 13th Dimension

    Beta Testing on an iPhone 5 AT&T I would like to see the iPhone become more responsive. While the freezing is definitely an issue. Native apps aren’t working properly at all. I have an issue launching the camera from the “Control Center” it simply will not boot. I must unlock my phone and launch it from the springboard. Also, my phone has a couple of unlocking glitches. I enter my passcode numerous times (correctly) and the phone vibrates and advises me that the passcode was incorrect but if I press on the home button it brings me to my springboard. I have had a couple of issues with iMessage. Such has not being able to receive messages until hours later (mostly images) and having the app randomly freeze on me. When answering calls I have to “slide to answer” numerous times. Some of my productivity applications such as DeVry Mobile, myAT&T and Mint are not opening and if they do open they shortly crash.

    tl;dr – I would like more third party application support, stable native applications, minor glitches and bugs fixed, and more security with the overall system.

    • Nizam Islam

      Fun fact, never beta test on an older model. And never expect any third party apps to work when using a beta.

      • 13th Dimension

        It wouldn’t be a smart idea to use my 5S to Beta Test considering thats my main personal device.

        Fun Fact: Beta testing on older models would show how efficient a new operating system can be with older legacy devices. Whether it is detrimental or efficient to overall performance.

        There is 3rd party support just not for “everything”.

    • Raul Flores

      Third party updates for iOS 8 won’t be released until the public release is imminent. Some times they fix themselves on later Betas, happened the same with iOS 7.

  • Tichard

    iPhone 4S fix control center lag,spotlight search,simply lagging animation with blur effect.

    • Nizam Islam

      Never use beta on older device. What you’re describing is like putting Mavericks on an iBook…

    • Raul Flores

      Dude… iPhone 4S with iOS 8 is going to behave like an iPhone 4 with iOS 7… laggy and sluggish. You should consider upgrading to an iPhone 5 or 5C.

  • Harrison Ryan

    I just want good battery and fluent functionality

    • Raul Flores

      Then rollback to iOS 7.1.1