Mojang on Minecraft server EULA change

- Jun 23, 2014

If you have questions in regard to the Minecraft server EULA change, then Mojang might have answered a number of these queries in a forum thread featuring an updated Questions and Answers. Some players are wondering how this change will affect multiplayer servers, and as such need to be crystal clear on what it all means.

The revisiting of Mojang’s EULA change is featured on the popular Minecraft Forum website within this thread, and clearly delivers answers to crucial questions thanks to an updated Mojang Q&A.

Some of the questions help explain that no servers are exempt to the EULA, provide details on the server grace period, ability to charge for server access and offer priority access, clarification on mods and Minecraft, information on soft currencies, allowing of ranks with cosmetic perks, and much more.

Do you run a server for Minecraft and if so, are you happy with the Minecraft EULA change? Take a look at the full Q&A through the above link, then share a comment with your thoughts on this EULA change and of course if you still have questions. PS4 owners might want to read some Minecraft multiplayer details for their platform.

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  • Ashmuffin

    To be honest parents should be more careful with their credit card. Once a kid has it the kid be buying stuff for a lot money! Also this is my point of view but it’s nots mojang fault if server owners make things £1000. It’s the owners fault. Its really annoying that thru would make something like q kit £1000! It is good that they made the new EULA. Cause it will keep big servers under control with the money! Thank you for reading this comment. Reply to me your thoughts about the new EULA…

  • elsa

    let it go