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Midnight Star mobile FPS release resurrects iPad debate

Whenever a developer comes up with a new mobile FPS game they believe it will be better than anything we have seen before, and this is pretty much the same for Midnight Star.

However, some people have managed to get their hands on this game early, and while its release will resurrect the debate regarding such games on the iPad, the overall review seems to be pretty positive.

Even though Midnight Star is not anything like a console shooter, it is surprising at just how good this FPS for mobile is, which is what one reviewer had to say. However, it is clear that not all of you share this view and have already started to ridicule the game even before its release.

One of the main concerns is that while it might be an FPS for mobile, it lacks freedom of movement that you get with a console first-person shooter. One gamer said that while it is a very good attempt at rails shooters, it is a mistake to call it an FPS.

Let’s face it, while playing games on devices like the iPad and iPhone have come a long way, they are still a long way off becoming a main staple and are thought of more as a past time than anything else.



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