GTA V Antique Cavalry Dagger vs shark

As most of you are now aware, a brand new update is available with GTA V 1.14. With it, Rockstar has introduced the ‘I’m not a Hipster update’ and we now have a quick heads-up on one of the brand new weapons available, the GTA V Antique Cavalry Dagger.

This weapon had been previously rumoured in the build up to the latest GTA V update and now we are happy to see that it is available to buy at any Ammu-Nation store in the game.

The price for this exciting blade is affordable, with Rockstar charging players $1880 per blade. You’ll see from our included video below that this is definitely the Bowie Knife that we told you had been leaked here in image format weeks ago.

Once equipped you see the unique animation that you’ll get when striking your opponent and in all honesty in fairly brutal fashion too. To give you an example of this, we’ve found another video which even shows one user going so far as to demonstrate the dagger against a helpless shark.

Given the violence featured in the game so far, we’re not surprised that Rockstar has introduced this knife to crank up the gore just one notch further.

Let us know your thoughts on the dagger so far and if you have also been tempted to go ‘shark hunting’ with it. Do any of you feel uncomfortable taking down pedestrians with this knife?



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