EA Sports UFC vs. Undisputed 3, by the fans

The fans seem to have a clear view on EA Sports UFC vs. Undisputed 3, although there is some debate on which is the better game and how well EA Sports did with their version of UFC on PS4 and Xbox One.

Some players think the Pride mode in Undisputed 3 alone is enough of a reason to stick to that game, and you can see one tweet below explaining just that by one Ultimate Fighting Championship fan.

We’ve also included a couple of videos below this article looking at Undisputed 3 vs. EA Sports UFC, one with screenshots side-by-side and the other compares with PIP.

Finally, we’ve featured a third video with the title giving away the reviewers opinion, which basically states “Goodbye UFC Undisputed 3 – Hello EA Sports UFC”.

Do you prefer EA Sports UFC over Undisputed 3? Take a look at the gameplay and quick video review below, then leave a comment with your opinion on the differences between these two UFC games.

Personally, I’m loving what EA Sports did with their UFC game and like to see something a little different, but we still prefer the open league set-up within Undisputed 3 even if playing online can be a pain sometimes.



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