Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth release delay

By Alan Ng - Jun 23, 2014

It looks like Battlefield 4 owners are going to be waiting longer than expected for the highly anticipated release of Dragon’s Teeth, the fourth DLC expansion pack for the game.

Dragon’s Teeth is the next release after Naval Strike, but unfortunately it looks like EA are still not ready to share a release date for when the new content will be out. It has been over three months since Battlefield 4 Premium members tasted Naval Strike, so it is fair to say that a release date is now overdue.

With the official Dragon’s Teeth announcement in mid May, many had expected the content to drop at the end of May, or at the very least at the start of June. It hasn’t happened yet though and we can see that gamers are starting to get impatient.

You may want to know that EA has now changed the release schedule of Dragon’s Teeth to Summer. It gives them a longer window to get the content out and fix any major bugs that they may have discovered during testing which we don’t know about.

With another four maps on the way as well as two new gadgets and five new weapons – it’s going to be well worth the wait either way. Let us know your thoughts on the extended wait for Dragon’s Teeth.

Do you think that DICE has discovered some major bugs that need sorting out first before offering a final Dragon’s Teeth release date?

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  • Gabriel

    Dude dragons teeth needs to come out now players have been waiting for three months now its way over due and major_lennix is right


    i would ave to agree with the impatient part im getting a little impatient myself and a little annoyed to be honest but i do however have to say the fact is that at least they are making sure that all major bugs are gone before they release it which is more than anybody can say about any competing games like call of duty for instance they dont care about there games its nice to see a company that does care for a change

  • Devin Gills

    @smartlatina what he/she said was uncalled for but i do agree the game is not ‘broken’ or a waste of money. There have been a little irritating bugs like the ruberbanding in the premium launch of naval strike but after 800+ hrs played im very pleased with BF4. I play competitivly and i do get iritated when i get killed a split second after i take cover but think about the scale of battlefield multiplayer compaired to other FPS on both console and pc. COD doesnt even touch battlefield in scale, vehicles, distruction etc. Battlefield is a military sim not just a FPS. Battlefield has thousands of moving parts that make the ‘machine’ that the game is. All COD and titanfall have are less weapons, gadgets and vehicles. Ive always been faithful to dice but it doesnt mean im biased. Am i a little disapionted? Yes. Will i continue to buy their games? Yes. Am i looking forward to a cops and robbers version of a traditionally military sim? No, but i will give it a chance. After all it is the third version of the frostbite engine with two more consoles to service than before. Anyways first world problems right? People in other countries cant find clean water to drink and here we are on our fat asses bitching about a video games bugs and release date.

    • CHAINSAW305

      I completely agree with you. Still.. we need a release date. The delays are just getting ridiculous lol. I thought BF3’s premium was bad. It’s gotten over the top with problems and delays. I definitely will be waiting to get Hardline and it’s “premium service” lol.

  • kawasakiman

    I think holding back dragons teeth was partly to encourage players to play the Hardline beta?

    Enough is enough however, there doesn’t seem to be much point having the ‘premium’ package anymore. Bad launch, bugs, crashes, net code lag, missed dlc dates, and now we are just left in the dark as to when dlc is even due.

    A great gaming experience being spoiled by its own developers.

  • lucasdigital

    Dragon’s Teeth was never aimed for release before June/July but it is now overdue – you’ll note how last month’s press release that points to the map list and descriptions just go repeated and seemingly passed for new information. I would speculate the giving E3 and the Hardline marketing pitch some breathing room is a more likely reason for delay. Hardline has been developed by a completely different team, there’s not been any crossover in terms of gadgets, etc.

    • Kmk17

      Not any crossover? The optics are the exact same. Half the gadgets function the same but were just re-skinned. The whole garage on the one map is reused from BF4. And yes Dice people are in fact working on Hardline. The same glitches and patches present in BF4 are even carried over to Hardline

      • lucasdigital

        Dragon’s teeth is developed by Dice LA. Hardline is developed by Dice Stockholm. For sure Hard line contains BF4 assets but they’re part of the codebase that Dice LA pickup from the BF4 repository – I should have said No “collaboration”, there’s nothing in Hardline that is being tweaked for Dragon’s Teeth, Hardline is a variation of BF4’s stuff but its either kept Vanilla or changed, where it’s changed, those changes don’t get applied to BF4 – no crossover in that way.

  • Freedom_Myth

    I think they are using hardline to beta test the riot shield on a large scale and tweak them before they let it out in dragons teeth. Just my opinion though.

    • Neorift

      We have the CTE for testing. Hardline beta was just an attempt to draw attention away from the delays for Dragon’s Teeth.

  • JD

    I think ea are more focused on hardline an they know know bf4 is a disaster sick of hearing about delays and problems need to pull there thumb out of there arse?

    • kdub

      A disaster? have you played BF4 in the last 4 months? The launch was a disaster but the game it self in its current state? NO.

      • SmartLatina

        BF4 is still a disaster on my console. It was a waste of money.

        • Dont complain you suck

          You probably just suck.

        • SmartLatina

          No. Please go bother someone else.

        • You have wank internet

          You probably just suck, sort out your internet you lame Fag.

        • SmartLatina

          Uh, no. First of all, I am a girl. Secondly, only morons use words like “fag” when they go on a childish rant to prove their “point” (like a “special” child with an attitude problem). Keep riding that short bus, idiot. One day, they might integrate you into regular classes.

        • The Dave

          Here here! I have good games and bad games on BF4. When it works, it works great, but when it does not it is apparent there are horrible issues that still need to be addressed. If you are not experiencing these issues then consider yourself lucky or get to an eye doctor quickly with a possible side trip to a psychologist as you may have serious denial issues as well as bad eyes. As for derogatory comments; sadly this is a symptom of warped culture and I feel sorry for those that feel this is an acceptable way to lash out and the tendency to want to be “like everyone else”.