Apple iWatch MLB, NHL, and NBA testing

Some people were under the impression that the iWatch would be unveiled at WWDC earlier this month, although we already said this was highly unlikely seeing as though the project only got the right team not so long ago. However, it is now all hands to the pumps because we know Apple has an experienced team working on many aspects of the iWatch.

Apple will also call upon the expertise of some of the best professional athletes from MLB, NHL, and NBA. Player’s from these sports have been spotted at the Apple Campus over the past few weeks and months, adding more fuel to the rumors that Apple is working on the iWatch with intent to launch it later this year.

However, we could be reading too much into this because stars of the MLB, NHL, and NBA might not be working as closely with the iWatch team as we might think.

So what are they doing? Apple is not silly and already have a good team working on their health device, and so these sports starts being seen at the Campus might all be part of Apple doing what they do best, and that is great marketing.

What better way to promote a fitness device than with some of the country’s top athletes? We wonder if Apple will use these sports stars to promote the iWatch by wearing them just like they have done with Beats?



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