Yo app for Android and iPhone

- Jun 22, 2014

The Yo app for Android and iPhone will be received in one of two ways by users, you will get the idea or think this is one of the most stupid apps ever created. In a nutshell, the Yo app allows you to send a type of Facebook poke to friends and family with a simple two letters.

All you are basically saying is, “Yo” or in other words Hi. As you would imagine, the description on both iTunes and Google play doesn’t explain much other than demonstrating all the ways you can say Yo with this new app.

The two letters can mean so many things, it could be a way to tell someone you’re thinking about them, saying good morning, asking if you’re up yet, or just wanting to start a conversation on another platform by first saying Yo in this simple Android and iOS app.

Do you understand the idea behind this Yo app, or do you think this could simply be done with iMessage or on Android already? You can download the Yo app for Android here, or iPhone users can install via the Apple App Store. We love the idea and gave it a go, but did get bored pretty quickly, which showed us communication apps with simple taps and no characters need something more in our opinion.

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