Towerfall Ascension PS4 review silences doubters

As we told you just hours ago, it looks like Towerfall Ascension may be offered as part of the PS Plus July 2014 update. It is classified as an indie game which on first impressions may not go down too well with those wanting AAA games – However, take a close look at the game and specifically a Towerfall Ascension PS4 review and you may find the mood changing rather quickly.

In actual fact, this could be the best indie game that you have played on your PS4 console so far, you just don’t know it. Towerfall Ascension is a game that originally launched as an Ouya exclusive, but then made its way onto PS4 and PC platforms in March.

During that time, we have seen the game pick up some very attractive feedback, noticeably on the Towerfall Ascension Metacritic review page which currently scores the PS4 version at an 87 critic rating and a very pleasing 7.2 user score.

There’s even some feedback which we’ve picked out from one user who says that the PS4 version of Towerfall is even better than the original Ouya version, largely in part thanks to a unique co-op mode.

Towerfall on PS4 also looks like the perfect game to play with friends so we would say don’t judge the game until you have played it. Read the Towerfall Ascension PS4 review from IGN here, which awarded the game with a 8.9 score, saying that the game offers a great multiplayer and ‘charming graphics’.

For those that have already played this game, would you actually say that this is one of the best games to land on PS4 for free as part of the July PS Plus update?



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