Slingshot app vs Snapchat problems

By Alan Ng - Jun 22, 2014

Those who are looking for the next big social app may have found what they are looking for with the Slingshot app. It is the latest creation of Facebook and could spell trouble for Snapchat with similarities that users are already pointing out in Slingshot app Vs Snapchat comparisons.

We first told you about this in a previous article here, but now we have seen consumers trying to weigh up the decision on whether Slingshot is already better than Snapchat after only launching within days.

The good thing about Slingshot is that it offers some differences to Snapchat, these include an emphasis on sharing to groups, rather than individuals which is what Snapchat is mostly famous for.

Facebook are also trying to introduce something unique, by making the recipient of a message send something back to the sender first, before they are able view the picture or video in question.

Just like Snapchat though, once you have viewed a picture once and swiped it away it is gone forever – a big reason why everyone is making comparisons with Snapchat – the app, which Facebook tried to buy for $3 billion, but failed.

Interestingly though, there appears to be a mixed reaction to Slingshot so far, which Facebook may not be too happy about. Over on the Slingshot app review page on Google Play, we can see that there are 250 5-star ratings, but over 100 1-star ratings too, from a total of 573 reviews at the time of writing.

Some comments so far include feedback such as frustration on having to create a new Slingshot account. We’ve also heard of Slingshot crashes and complaints on how it doesn’t allow for Slingshot app sync with Facebook.

What are your early impressions of Slingshot from Facebook? Would you say that Snapchat is still the better app between the two, or are you loving Facebook’s adventurous attempt of cloning this popular app?

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