Summer Solstice 2014 events within festival app

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 21, 2014

Summer Solstice 2014 is today and events taking place can be found within a free Android app, which is perfect for those of you wanting to do something last minute today. The app is called eFestivals and also includes details about the Summer Solstice Stonehenge event for 2014, and hundreds of other venues with things going on during the day and night.

We’ve seen people celebrate with a number of products, services, and events in the past for Summer Solstice and in 2014 it’s no different with iPhone 5S cases, sales on apps, and a lot more in the name of Summer Solstice.

summer Solstice iphone 4 case

You can find the eFestivals Android app on Google play with access to the latest festivals on your chosen device. While we noted above there’s featured Summer Solstice 2014 events, it’s also worth keeping this app for other festivals you might want to visit during this year and even in 2015.

Where is the best spot to celebrate the Summer Solstice in your area of the world? The eFestivals app features reviews, photos, listings, ticket information, lineups, and much more. In the UK our personal hotspot for Summer Solstice 2014 is Stonehenge, although there’s plenty of other celebrations and parties taking place, so if you know a good spot then feel free to share details below.


Google called their online app sale “The Longest Day Deals”, which this is a direct link to their promotional page with discounted apps in celebration of this day.

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