PS Plus July 2014 PS4 update not AAA games

By Alan Ng - Jun 21, 2014

The PlayStation Plus July 2014 free PS4 games have been revealed early thanks to an official page being updated in Asia, then removed after a number of gamers already noticed the update. It looks like the July 2014 PS Plus two free PS4 games will include Strider and TowerFall: Ascension.

After gamers enjoyed an indie-themed update with the likes of Trine 2 and Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate in June, it looks like Sony are once again going to offer another indie game with the PS Plus July 2014 update on PS4.

The two games that are being offered are Towerfall: Ascension and Strider. Towerfall: Ascension is a game that originally released on the Ouya console, but later made its way to PS4 and PC in March 2014.

Strider on the other hand is a side-scrolling platform game from Capcom and developed by Killer Instinct team Double Helix Games – the same team that also brought us Silent Hill: Homecoming on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2008.

We know that these are the games for the July update, as we spotted them appear on the Asia PS Plus website prematurely before being removed very quickly. This isn’t the first time that we have seen the Asia store spill the details ahead of schedule though, so we are fairly confident that this is real information.

We have seen a lot of feedback from happy PS Plus owners who are enjoying the free content, but wish that Sony would improve on the quality of titles that are more on the AAA scale, rather than small indie games.


That doesn’t take away from the fact that Towerfall Ascension is an excellent game and definitely deserves your attention if you haven’t heard about the game before.

Should PS4 gamers be happy with whatever content they receive ‘free’ as part of their subscription, or is it time for Sony to provide a little more than they are currently offering?

Some will say that those complaining are moaning about free content, while others are still adamant that Sony needs to offer AAA games on PS Plus to make the subscription worthwhile.

Give us your reaction to Towerfall Ascension and Strider as the two free games for July’s PS Plus 2014 update. Are you happy with these two games or not?

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  • courte

    Since when is strider indie?

  • Chaz Bart

    I do agree with the guy who said outlast was the last best free game however so why can`t we get whistleblower dlc for free?

    • LoneWolf

      Because the Developers should be able to make money off the game. If you enjoyed Outlast, buy the god damn DLC and support them given that you got their full game for FREE.

  • Chaz Bart

    Well the multiplayer games I have bought are great and all Killzone, Battlefield I just wish the games would become free so I can play more people.

  • LoneWolf

    Anyone sooking and complaining that they ain’t giving AAA Titles for the PS4 on PS+ needs to take their Playstation 4 back and kill their Playstation Plus Membership. The Console has been out since November and yet you are complaining, bitching and moaning about what games are coming?


    I’m glad that I’m at least getting TWO new games for the PS4 every month with PS+ so should everyone else.

  • Dozer

    I pay a subscription for ps+ so I can play online and enjoy the features. Having came to Playstation from Xbox, I’ve paid for online my entire gaming life. The free games on PS+ are just a bonus. Yes, aaa games would be nice, but it’s too soon. There are hardly any as is. I think we won’t see that till the holidays at least.

    • KiLLaMaNiLLa

      Xbox 1 actually releases pretty good free games well the first games that came out are pretty good. but the same with PS+ we won’t see any AAA titles on Xbox Live or PS+ for a while. But hopefully we start getting Better titles then we have been getting the last good game we got from PS+ was Outlast.

      • Dozer

        See, when I say I switched from xbox, I didnt just mean 360. I had the XBOne until E3 this year, and with Sony killing it 2 years in a row, I had to switch. The games for the Xbox IMO weren’t good at all. It’s all a matter of opinion, but I’d prefer PS4’s games thus far

  • tpe

    Well why don’t they give AAA ps3 titles then cause most of the indie games come from ps3 anyway

    • LoneWolf

      Don’t give AAA PS3 games? So Batman Arkham City, Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider ain’t AAA Titles?

  • rickardo80

    Too early in the ps4 life to be offering aaa games on Ps+. The number of games available is too low for them to do that at the moment and they only offer aaa games on ps+ when the demand by people paying for the game drops off.