GTA Online Hipster crate drop locations

If you head into GTA V Online today you’ll find bonus crate drop locations with double RP, weapons, and more thanks to the I’m not a Hipster weekend event, which started yesterday and will end tomorrow. This GTA V Online X2 RP event is to help launch the update that released 4 days ago.

The extra GTA V crate drops can be found in a number of online locations and this includes Mirror Park. You’ll also need to look for other “Hip spots in town”, said Rockstar. These bonus crate drops will give GTA V players X2 RP, RPGs, sticky bombs, mini guns, lots of Grand Theft Auto dollars, and much more.

What bonus GTA Online crate drop locations have you seen, other than Mirror Park? We’ve had a quick play yesterday at the start of this special event, and did manage to get a crate drop in Mirror Park before anyone else got there. If you’ve received a crate drop from another location, then hit the comments if you feel like bragging about what you got inside and where you found it.

The last GTA V Online event took place in the middle of May, 2014.



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