Fallout 4 ending potential

We all know Fallout 4 is coming, we are just waiting on Bethesda to finally give the announcement that is expected later on this year. In the meantime though, we wanted to talk about potential Fallout 4 multiple endings after some recent comments left by Fallout New Vegas lead designer and director, Josh Sawyer.

One of the great things about Fallout New Vegas was that it gave the player choices and hopefully whoever Bethesda has selected as the Fallout 4 developer, they will be thinking along the same lines with the next game.

If it was up to Sawyer, he would try to make Fallout 4 as difficult as possible, giving the players a challenge that will be much more beneficial in his opinion in the long run – as opposed to players running through the game ‘as a tourist’.

There’s nothing better than multiple opinions in our book either. If you choose one scenario but are not happy with it, you then have the perfect excuse to replay the entire game, making different choices in the buildup to a brand up ending.

These type of decisions from the Fallout 4 developer could be one of the many reasons why it is taking so long to come out – we haven’t even had an announcement trailer yet which tells you that this game is shaping up to be something special considering we couldn’t even see a hint at E3.

Fallout 4 is already geared up to be the highlight of 2015 even without an announcement, so Bethesda are clearly making sure the game is up to the high expectations after such a long wait and multiple endings would be one way to inject some extra longevity to the game.

Do you have a feeling that Fallout 4 is going to have a heavy influence on multiple endings for the game – would you like to see more than one option at the end of the game, allowing you to replay for a different ending?

There is a good reason we didn’t see an announcement at E3, but hopefully the time for an unveil will be perfect for Bethesda towards the end of the year.

Are you happy to wait as long as it takes for this game from Bethesda, knowing that whoever develops Fallout 4 will do a good job? Give us your thoughts on Fallout 4 ending potential and what your personal ideas about multiple endings would be.



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