Destiny PS4 Vs Xbox One exclusives shock

By Alan Ng - Jun 21, 2014

It looks like Destiny is shaping up to be an amazing game. However, if you want the best experience, Bungie is seemingly pushing people towards the PS4 version of the game, whilst being happy to admit that the PS4 is the lead platform ahead of Xbox One.

It is the Destiny PS4 and PS3 exclusives that has become a major talking point this week though, as those getting the game on PS4 can look forward to content that won’t be available on Xbox for a long time.

If you thought that the never-ending COD exclusive agreement for 30 days with Microsoft was ridiculous, you may want to look away now. Sony fans will be having the last laugh it seems as information has been leaked revealing that Destiny exclusive content on PS4 and PS3 will run for a YEAR until it features on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

This is unprecedented in the gaming industry and a very surprising move from any perspective looking in. The information has once again come from an Amazon leak, which says that bonus Destiny maps, weapons, ships and gear will stay on PlayStation until Fall 2015.

While it’s not a confirmation yet, we see time and time again that Amazon leaks are usually trustworthy and if true, that is a very long time to wait if you are picking up an Xbox One or Xbox 360 version of Destiny.

The game has a release date of September 9 on all platforms, so it looks like Sony and Activision may have come to an agreement for a massive timed-exclusive agreement that will run over three times the length of the Activision and Microsoft deal for Call of Duty.

We can’t imagine how much money Sony would have had to pay Activision and Bungie if this information is true. Considering the love affair that Bungie used to have with Microsoft for Halo, this is definitely going to be a shock to some Xbox One owners who were looking forward to the game releasing in September.

What is your reaction to this? Could you argue that by September 2015, gamers may not be interested in Destiny anymore, making this DLC seem permanent on PlayStation?

Let us know which version of the game you will be getting – PS4 or Xbox One.

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  • Joshua st

    I won’t buy a single item once it’s finally released on xbox. They might as well keep it a Sony exclusive by the time it’s available we will already have better equipment. Bungie can suck it fyi Halo 4 was one of the best ever made so please don’t be butt hurt by whatever happens between you and Microsoft get over it and do right by the people who matter WE GAMERS!!!!! We pay your salary Halo and US people who bought it is the only reason you have the respect you have to date.

  • Ryan 741

    I can see why Bungie decided to go the PS4 route, I’m guessing they think they already have the Halo fans so are trying to double that by going exclusive content to the PlayStation. Whether it works or not time will tell.

    • bob

      You mean Sony paid bungie right cause there isn’t a such thing as going the PS4 route. Fanboys need to let that ish go. They aren’t doing that for free, are you slow?

      • Ryan 741

        Well obviously they paid Bungie. My thinking is basically they are trying to double their fan base. Read what I first said and please try to keep up dummy.

        • Guest

          You are an idiot you made it sound like bungie is giving to playstation for free and losing potential costumers without compensation

        • Ryan 741

          No I did not thicko, read again, slowly. Thats your homework for the weekend.

        • Paddy

          I’m not sure if that makes sense. People would have bought this on PS4 regardless of the exclusive content because it’s such a highly anticipated game. Bungie would have doubled their audience regardless by simply making this a cross platform. This basically comes down to Bungie getting a huge incentive by Sony and shows they’re not overly concerned about everyone getting an equally good experience. I don’t have a huge problem with 1-2 month delays because by then people are still interested, but by the time this content is released I probably won’t even think about it because I’ll be focused on the next round of holiday games to be bothered (hence no chance to get the full experience). It’s Bungie’s choice in quality I suppose. I just think it’s a stupid move that’s going to irritate a very large base of people. I’m all for exclusive games and short timed extra content releases, but strategies to completely destroy the complete experience (just for the hell of it and money) by delaying extra content for a year is bad for gamers.

        • Ryan 741

          Its just my guess, was probably just a big cash incentive by Sony and Microsoft declined to meet it or beat it.

  • jacob

    Personally it does not look that good!!! Not even going to bother with this game…

    • Have you played it? A lot of people that I played with in the alpha were not no interested in the game until they started playing it

  • Nathan Buddrius

    Seeing the relationship bungie formed with fans(not Microsoft) this would wreck major relationships and fan base. All of bungies name came from fans on Xbox. Not Microsoft. So if bungie thinks they would be sticking it to Microsoft, the joke would be on them. Their entire name is due to the fan base. Screw the fans because of a “love affair”, screw yourself in the end.

    Games are made for players and fans. Their fame and popularity comes from the fans that love the makers(bungie) name. Xbox and the players of halo, is what brought bungie into existence and made them the iconic name that they are. Not Microsoft alone.

    • Paddy

      I’m an XB1 owner and probably will wait for the price to come down on this simply for the fact that I want the entire experience without waiting an entire year and losing interest in the meantime. So yeah, I agree with you. I personally don’t care much about exclusive content for a short amount of time or perhaps even content that is permanently exclusive for various reasons, but for a company to give the finger to the fan base that made it a billion dollar industry by saying those players can’t play the entire game for a year is crappy. It’s as if they could give a rip about the overall experience and don’t care about their overall integrity by making people wait that long.

      I’d feel totally different if they were doing this as a couple month promo.

  • Jimbo

    bungie vs 343 halo 5 will dominate destiny and who’s gives a damn about resolution it doesn’t make games play any different.

  • Chris Bane

    This makes me worried that they will fix bugs and other issues first for ps4 and kindof neglect the xbox one. Might cancel my pre order if I hear more bad news.


    SONY has been on the short end of multi-platform timed exclusives for a long time. Good to see the tables are turned on such a wanted game as Destiny. Seeing XB1 players cry rivers over it is just the cherry on the top.

    • Guest

      Wow fanboys make me laugh

  • Michael Givan

    This looks worse for Bungie than it does for Microsoft and the XBOne. Microsoft would love to release the content earlier. So, maybe I don’t patronize Bungie as much in the future if they wish to divide a player base. That said, my needs from a console are different that the needs of the next guy and I buy what suits my needs. Given this, I notice and remember when developers pick and choose their sides to the detriment of the player base as a whole.

    • Johnathon Allen

      This game looks amazing don’t get me wrong , but it’s clear after halo 4 came out that bungie was not putting much effort into halo, and with a 500 mill budget so far this could end bungie if it fails.

      • gonjammon

        Bungie didn’t develop halo 4, 343 studios did….

        • Johnathon Allen

          I know that , I’m saying visually and story was for more interesting and the game played better when done by 343, and bungie was just being lazy with the franchise after halo 2 .

        • Paddy

          Personally, I thought Bungie became epically lazy after the first Halo aside from multiplayer. I loved the campaign and story of Halo and felt completely ripped off with that aspect in Halo 2 and 3.

  • Sam

    This is inconsequential, its just cosmetic stuff that doesn’t improve game play. The Xbox One already has “exclusives” such as the better controller for FPS and the better online experience with Xbox Live. And by the way, Sony can’t play the resolution card as Destiny will be 1080p on Xbox One also.

    • inFamous2-VIC

      But they haven’t even confirmed it for being 1080 for Xbox, all they said was that they were aiming for it. As of now, PS sure can play the FPS card. 30 measly FPS to a whopping 60 FPS on PS4, that is a gameplay change as well.

      • NotinFamous2-VIC

        Get your facts straight. Destiny is also 30fps on the PS4.

        • inFamous2-VIC

          Thank you, for correcting myself, self.

      • Guest

        1. Bungie said and I quote “Destiny will run 1080p on both next gen consoles and at a solid 30fps o both consoles as well.”

  • 911nvfg

    It’s not like it will be super amazing weapons and ships that will give u an advantage that us Xbox people won’t have cause after a year I will have exotic gear that will be way better then what is handed out at the start of the game

    • BIG BUNS

      Sound like alot of butthurt Xbots lol. You wasnt saying this when Bungie was making Halos games exclusively for Xbox and Xbox 360 but now the tables turn and you rationalize and cry and convince yourselves otherwise lol. Actually Microsoft is the true relationship between fans and Bungie, not fans. As fans you dont sign contracts or put millions alone into games, Microsoft does. Without Xbox there would be no Halo. Fans have some power but corporations like Miceosoftvand Bungie have tons more. Don’t get too cocky cry baby fan boys…you just buy the game thats all lol. PS4 will be the best place to play Destiny, bottom line. We just played Alpha version of Destiny which you Xbots couldn’t, you get beta like 4 days after us and not DLC will be given soon. Its not about resolution but the best place to play games is on ps4.

      Microsoft screwed Bungie over royalky for Bungie to wait out Destiny dlc on Xbox for a whole year….WOW!!! But just think how the same happened to PS3 players multiple times. Just saying…STOP CRYING XD

      • TrollingEpically

        The tears of Xbox users are glorious… Microsoft started this whole exclusivity crap and now you guys are getting burned in what looks to be the best game of the year. Keep crying, you know the PS4 is a better system

        • Guest

          Not really better exclusives make the console so I mean xbox has better exclusives into 2015 but that’s my opinion so maybe you’ll cry when the only exclusive worth noting (the order) is actually a piece of crap and you don’t have any games to hold over us. And please don’t give me little big planet crap that game isn’t that great only worth 15 dollars in my mind.

      • Guest

        Actually you should thank Microsoft and all xbox fans who gloated about halo for without xbox no halo without halo there is no gloating fans who make bungie famous without that no destiny and way to be another arrogant fanboy I really find idiots funny on these comment sections. So thank you for a good laugh.