iWatch features with wireless charging

Apple may have wowed the audience at WWDC 2014 with the announcement of iOS 8, but one product that we didn’t see at the event was the elusive iWatch. We are now expecting to see it later this year along with the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 announcements, but we have some new rumors regarding potential iWatch features to share with you.

With Samsung now having a chance to tempt consumers into this new range of products with their Galaxy Gear line, Apple are expected to offer a rival device after over a year of speculation.

The iWatch is coming and now rumors are building that Apple will hold an event in October to officially unveil the smart watch. This week though, we have heard additional rumors that one of the core features of the iWatch will be wireless charging.

It may not be the first time that you have heard such a rumour, but now we have had Reuters solidify the claim too, by also stating that the iWatch is firmly on the way with wireless charging.

Not only that, but it could be coming with a rectangular 2.5-inch display too. Consumers may not be too keen on the idea of wearing an Apple branded watch every day, but we have a feeling that once we see the actual product in the flesh running iOS 8 – minds will soon change.

We can’t wait to see the first real picture of the iWatch – we remain very optimistic that Apple could get it right and include the features that consumers love to see – wireless charging is a great start.



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