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iOS 7.1.2 update still not live

We are approaching the end of another week, but unfortunately there appears to be no signs that a iOS 7.1.2 release date is imminent, despite increased speculation that Apple were planning to provide some needed bug fixes for those that continue to have iOS 7.1.1 problems.

We have been hearing from consumers who tell us that iOS 7.1.2 is badly needed on their iPad and iPhone devices. iOS 7.1.1 battery life remains to be a big problem and it is the main area in which users want to see addressed with the next update.

Other consumers would just like to have a ‘stable’ iOS, with one example below from a consumer who wishes he had the iOS battery life that a previous version offered, which has seemingly disappeared with the launch of iOS 7.

Elsewhere, we see other requests for Apple to finally offer new emoji icons with iOS 7.1.2 – a small request, but one that would go a long way with consumers who love to iMessage with icons when chatting to friends.

How desperate are you to see an iOS 7.1.2 release? It was ‘supposed’ to come earlier this month after WWDC 2014, but so far Apple has held off from releasing it.

Do you think we will finally see some battery life improvements with the next release? Let us know which area needs improving as a priority for you.



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