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Guess the Emoji answers defeat objective

Those of you who are playing the popular Guess the Emoji app may be questioning the core mechanics on how the app was designed. We see our readers asking us for Guess the Emoji answers constantly, but it appears that these answers are simply a Google search away.

This for us is somewhat confusing given the effort that must have gone into the app. Guess the Emoji: Emoji Pops for iPhone and Android has been available for a number of months now as we told you in a previous article, but we are still seeing popularity continuing for the app this week.

The fact that you can simply use Guess the Emoji cheats to find all the answers though defeats the objective. Social users have also been complaining about their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter timelines being clogged up by users of this app who are constantly asking for answers all of the time – which obviously gets annoying.

A better way would be to simply offer no help on the app itself on answers to keep Guess the Emoji challenging. The fact that it contains a ‘Facebook help’ button is another mystery, although users still seem to love the app.

Have you been playing this app too this week? How many of you can admit to looking for answers at some stage online when stuck on a particular level? Would you have liked the app to be more challenging with a lot more levels and questions for you to work through?



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