GTA V PS4 graphics nice, but PC limitless

By Alan Ng - Jun 20, 2014

By now, most of you will have seen Rockstar’s stunning GTA V trailer for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The trailer was actually confirmed to be running on PS4 hardware and it has made a lot of gamers happy, even one certain Hideo Kojima.

The legendary Metal Gear Solid creator has even admitted to being ‘depressed’ on how good the PS4 graphics are on GTA V, compared to the same visuals on PS3. We showed you a PS4 Vs PS3 comparison giving you an exact idea of the graphical differences and it’s a real eye opener truth be told.

As good as the game looks though, we should not forget that it will be GTA V on PC that offers the best version of the game, hands down without any argument from a graphical point of view.

The minute Rockstar releases those GTA V PC files, the hardcore community will get to work on texture mods that could make GTA V look very special indeed. You only need to search through some of the breathtaking existing mods for GTA IV to see just what can be done unofficially for that added layer of polish on top of what Rockstar already brings to the table.

We personally can’t wait to see GTA V PS4 Vs PC graphics comparisons this Fall and Rockstar should be fully aware that somebody is going to come along and just make the PC version of the game better looking than what they have managed.

Enjoy the PS4 trailer now, but we say you haven’t seen anything yet once the mods for GTA V PC are out – especially if there is a GTA V ICEnhancer mod or something similar. Is this the single reason why you are choosing to buy GTA V on PC, rather than a PS4 or Xbox One copy?

Let us know if you plan to take full advantage of a modded GTA V when it releases on PC later this year.

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  • bonusbertie

    In the same way that Paris Hilton can have the best shopping experience over the man in the street, a small percent of PC users with great rigs and lots of money to spend will have the best GTA V experience in time.

    However 100% of PS4 users will have a brilliant experience. So all in all it’s much better for the PS4 owner in general.

    • brandon

      You make no sense, a ps3 in no way shape or form compares to even a very low spec pc……

      • Donald V Taylor Jr.

        He’s talking about PS4 not PS3