New lower price for Apple TV in 2014 hints 4th generation

We have been hoping for news on a new Apple TV for a while now, and we have to wonder if the recent price drop in the UK and the rest of Europe is a hint of things to come? In most countries that use the Euro, the new Apple TV price for 2014 has been reduced by €10, but the UK has seen the bigger drop of £20.

This means that Apple TV will now cost you €99 and £79, although for some reason Apple has yet to issue an Apple TV price cut for the US. Having said that, if we were to convert the current price of $99 into sterling, it works out less than £60, which means there is no need for a price cut in the US.

Another Apple TV 4th generation hint in 2014 – We could be reading too much into this, but whenever Apple issues a price cut this is often followed by a new model being released. It is the assumption that Apple could be trying to reduce its stock of current-gen Apple TVs to make way for the fourth generation model?

We have seen Apple try to improve its Apple TV device over the years through software, but it is clear its current design is showing its age against products like Amazon Fire TV. We have already discussed how Apple TV 4G needs to come with gaming support, along with an updated controller, but do you think we are likely to see this happen later this year?

Even though this price drop is good news, Apple TV still needs to bring more features before it gains a wider appeal, such as BBC iPlayer, 4OD, and more.



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