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iPad scouting apps delivers FIFA World Cup 2014 results

We have seen a lot of technology used during the FIFA World Cup 2014, such as Ball Line technology, the disappearing white foam, new football boots and shirts, along with the ball itself. However, the players and talent scouts are making use of iPad apps to get the desired results they need.

Many of the teams players have been seen using an iPad and state-of-the-art scouting apps to study opponents, and we just hope that the English national team used this in the days prior to today’s England vs Uruguay match.

It’s amazing what can be learnt from using such apps, such as seeing what a certain player’s quirks are, to their abilities on the field. These apps are said to help performance, but are these players relying too much on technology rather than just training hard to get fit and improving their skills?

No doubt talent scouts will also be watching these matches and also using these iPad apps, as they deliver the right results for the likes of the Premiership and other such leagues.

We wonder what sort of technology we can expect to see at the 2018 World Cup?



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