iOS 8 beta 2 inability to delete Podcast app

By Peter Chubb - Jun 19, 2014

It was a couple of days ago when iOS 8 beta 2 was released, which you can see the release notes here. There were many changes, as well as several bug fixes, although a new one arose. However, it is the addition of a new app that seems to have gotten devs and other iOS users riled up.

With iOS 8 beta 2 it now means that you are no longer able to delete the Podcast app, meaning that it has now become a default app because it will now be pre-installed once iOS 8 gets its public release.

It’s already clear that this Podcast app being a default one has not gone down well because there are now too many default apps in iOS 8, and we have to wonder how many more will appear before the final release?

iOS 8 beta 2 iPodcast app

Many iOS users have said that one of the reasons why they do not like Android is because it is too busy, so why is Apple heading down the same path?

We do wonder why Apple would wish to force such a pointless app on iOS users, even though Apple would make us believe that it is an integral experience to iOS. Having asked people with an iPhone and iPad, a huge percentage of them have said that they never really use podcasts because times have changed.

Is this another one of those services where Apple is a little too late to the party?

Don’t get us wrong, we understand that people still like the idea of a Podcast app because Android and Windows Phone currently offer nothing like this. What we are highlighting is the fact that Apple is forcing yet another app that cannot be deleted, and so will make your home screen all the more cluttered.

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  • Rhonda

    Yes I hide it but it still takes up space and I don’t like having apps even Apple ones that I have no intention of EVER using on my phone. These should note forced on us and should not have to keep wasted apps taking up space. Stupid move grrr

  • Dalai Pookah

    You could always put it in a group of apps to ignore and stick it on the last page.

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  • Матт Реякіпѕ

    I don’t mind Apple adding all THEIR apps as stock apps because it’s Apple’s device. The issue I had with Android is there were stock Android apps plus apps from the phone maker, wireless carrier plus from other sources pre-installed (such as trial apps). If Apple wanted to add all their free apps as stock apps then fine, but I’ll have an issue if they start going down Android’s path of also adding Wireless carrier apps and trial apps.