Facebook down today, not working say users

By Alan Ng - Aug 2, 2014

It looks like Facebook is down today, with many users reporting that Facebook is not working in US and UK. However, we can confirm that it looks like Facebook may be down worldwide as we are having problems accessing the website in Asia too.

If you log into Facebook right now, you may be greeted with the Facebook error message which reads “Sorry, something went wrong.” Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any heads up on when Facebook will be back up, so users will have to sit tight and hope for the best.

Unsurprisingly, Facebook down today on June 19 has been met with some humorous feedback, with many social users saying that it is ‘the end of the world’ and that ‘Facebook is down, but Twitter is better anyway’.

Hopefully this is just scheduled maintenance and we will get a Facebook status update from the creators later today. It still remains down for us today at the time of writing though, so let us know if you see any improvements.

Have you been able to log into Facebook today, or is still down in your area right now? How on earth are you going to cope with the Facebook outage?

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  • Smokiee Portlock

    it was there but nobody home. mind u, i did not freak out and did something productive.. and actually, might just do it tomorrow as well.

  • John Buxbaum

    its down on my pc but works on my phone

  • Michelle Engebretson

    its down in calif was up then went back down

  • Nuji

    Yes it was down for few minutes here in the Philippines if u are using any search engine but my Phone FB apps is still running & functioning that span of time…

  • why i will tell you my name

    i m from india and used proxy it works but very slow

  • Johann Klein Quimada

    facebook was down because of me

    • oohdale

      Ok Dude what did you do?

      • Johann Klein Quimada

        i’m pissed of! hahaha

  • Ivan Arch

    It’s back now here in the Philippines 🙂

  • Brian

    Still not working in Tanzania

  • Ayushmaan Bajpai

    what was the reason……..

  • King Khan

    what was the reason behind it???? ANYONE KNOWS????????

    • Ayushmaan Bajpai

      still not clear

  • Angry

    Facebook is back… but now I’m on this damn forum reading all the responses…. dammit!!!!! lol ok, goodnight for real.

  • jesus


  • Ricky

    Does anyone know what happened?

    • Angry

      Maybe another Jimmy Kimmel prank!

  • Star

    Back in FL

  • Dyaspora

    People are posting about being productive but all I am doing is reading down these comments, in a smooth swift voice out loud. Sounds Kewl, and should be remixed into a song. Try it.
    Canada Down!!! Long Live The Maple Leaf! The Mighty Moose!!


    New DELHI ….When log into Facebook right now, greeted with the Facebook error message which reads “Sorry, something went wrong.”

  • Khalid

    Keep calm

  • Arseth


  • Illuminati

    Yes……yes..All of you brainless fools go back to your Lives >:) Mwhhahahahhahahhahahahhahahaa!

    • Angry

      It was the universe’s way of telling me to go to sleep.

  • Akhil

    now working

  • Zibarro aka Kryssa

    Back up in Muncie … good luck and good day to all!

  • Aamir Rasool

    Wow Its back

  • Angry

    Yeah Facebook is back and all BUT NOT THE PERSON I WAS CHATTING WITH HALF AN HOUR AGO….. jeez…..

  • Aamir Rasool

    Still it is not working in PAKISTAN its emergency FB FGK come back………!

  • Sarah O Taylor

    It is back up here. Everyone have a nice day,

  • san.sparks

    Back in India

  • ruellago22

    Facebook just got back.

  • lhovy

    Its working again in singapore

  • uma sivakumar

    people be free today with new entertainments

  • Ritu Tiwari

    Not working in India…

  • sandeep

    UP in Nepal #BirthPlaceOfLoardBuddha&CountryWithTallestMountainInWorld

    • Angry

      Namaste….. Nepal is awesome 🙂

      • sandeep

        🙂 Thnx..

  • joshua lizardi

    wait no. its back

  • Fundación Mi Mascota Tierhilfe

    JUST GOT BACK … Facebook is working again !!!

  • Gagan

    The problem was solved, Facebook was working….!

  • Pablo R.

    Facebook is back now… hallelujah!

  • KP

    facebook back 🙂

  • hanetful

    I am glad facebook is down . People who use facebook for other than keeping in contact with friends /family or to promote their business/hobbies need to get away , and do things that are useful and get a life .

    • oohdale

      WE ARE THAT is why we are here. You need to see a good therapist too.

  • Janet Suryasta

    Back online in HK

  • Gulshan Anand

    It’s up now !!

  • joshua lizardi

    still down in Fort Wayne IN

  • Ayushmaan Bajpai

    back in india…. wow can breath back now

  • Tracy Chester

    my facebook is down and so is MSN Spades.:( when will it be working? Im in Deerfield Bch FL.

    • Tracy Chester

      yay, i went to Internet Explorer n tried it and it works… now for a big cup of coffee and some Law And Order n Facebook. Have a great day ppl !! xoxo

  • Mark Zuckerberg

    My Facebook is down.

    • oohdale


  • Akhil

    not working again

    • Alias Darker

      are u sure ?

      • Akhil

        in india its working for few minutes and again that sorry message appears..

        • Alias Darker

          its working for me

  • Leonaldi A.P

    what the hell is this?! oh God! Facebook is down! zzzzzzzz… -_-

  • Kristnir Whitestone

    WORKING in Australia

    • adam

      not working anymore

      • Kristnir Whitestone

        It’s still working. Do you want proof? Or did you trip over the Facebook server again?

  • Pinky Marionnette

    Come on guys, lets all go be friends on My Space!

  • Amaan Khan


  • signinwithfacebook

    Oh my goodness. I have absolutely no idea how to have a life. If facebook doesnt start working soon i may have to actually go meet people in person. The horror

  • barack obama

    it is back .. enjoy kids.

  • Pixie

    scariest 30 mins of my life

  • Jay305

    Dwn in miami FL

  • Amaan Khan

    Aah thnk god m nt d only one who was having this error was tryin alot to recover #Comeback #Fast :((

  • Bash

    Down in Tipton a little town of Pakistan in the UK

  • uma sivakumar

    fb people 100% shocked today

  • Janet Suryasta

    was back for a second and is down again (hk)

  • jellys

    Its working now.

  • bharat

    working now…