Snapchat Android users say app slow, video not working

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 18, 2014

Last week a new Snapchat update released for Android and brought back the clear Snapchat feed option within settings, although this new download also brought some problems for certain users trying to take video and snaps with certain features not working. In fact, some of Product Reviews readers tell us that taking snaps is now very slow with their Android device or some video won’t open.

The latest Snapchat Android update also fixed many other bugs and selective issues with sending snaps. The problem with Android compared to iOS is the range of devices this software runs on, and with Apple it’s a limited number of iPhone models, but with Android there’s hundreds of smartphones from many brands.

This range of Android devices alone causes problems for developers to get all features working for all Android devices, and on occasion an update can bring more errors to other devices.

Are you happy to see the clear Snapchat feed option within settings? Also, are you having problems with video or issues when taking pictures?


One of our readers had this to say, “When I send a snap it takes forever to send and it keeps crashing”. Another added, “even after the recent update around half the snaps fail to send on 4G and Wi-Fi. When I receive a video it gives me a message saying unable to play the video”. Leave a comment below and let us know if the latest update made things better or worse for you, also include the model of Android device and we might see a pattern.

We went hands-on quickly with Snapchat on a Nexus 5 and Galaxy S4, although we had mixed results with both devices. All features worked most of the time, but randomly we found the Snapchat video not working. This matches what some users said about the video won’t open once received, sadly we couldn’t pinpoint the cause of the issue when it did happen with videos.

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  • Mack larson

    My Android has never been slow on Snapchat but the past 4 days or so when ever I open the app it takes around 8 minutes to load even one message, plz fix this or I will probably delete the app

  • snapchat is the worst app experience from a top developer on android

  • Bree Hooper-Whiti

    I have the Samsung Galaxy J2 and my snapchat is going slow, it’s not even loading my snaps or my friends stories, it come up with could not refresh. I thought it was my wifi at first but nearly everything else works fine. Please fix this 🙂

  • charly909266

    ever since the new update i can not see videos from my friends who have iphones nor can my snap chat perform the new features. it is so slow and lagging and it is constantly saying it can not load the app. i have deleted and reinstalled the app many times and nothing is working on my samsung galaxy s3 mini. sort it out snap chat.

  • jessika

    everytime i get on to write a message it laggs and never works for me i am so disappointed in it. it shuts my phone off and everything now. I have a brand new note 4 and i cant even use snap chat

  • jessika

    everytime i get on to write a message it laggs and never works for me i am so disappointed in it. it shuts my phone off and everything now. I have a brand new note 4 and i cant even use snap chat

  • Ryan

    Terrible update now I can’t even use snap chat on my galaxy 3s 🙁 extremely disappointed

  • Joseph

    These updates are terrible I have a galaxy s3 snapshot literally drains my phone of all the power and takes forever sometimes not even loading. It seems like each update makes the app worse and worse.

  • Marshall Clinton

    Terribly slow on my Xperia T. Crashes every once in awhile.

  • Cesar Vazquez

    Takes forever to load one picture, can’t load a video and when I send videos they lag so much…I use a Samsung Galaxy s3

    • zaria ragsdale

      same for me. galaxy s3

      • gs5 checking in. snapchat is the slowest, laggiest, glitchiest app on my phone.

  • Still running a Galaxy s4 mini and same deal. the camera/video is laggy and i can’t slide down to update without the app locking up on the update screen.

  • bat man

    This new snapchat update is super slow on my android zte phone. It takes forever to load the snaps and its super jerky when taking videos.

  • Nicholas

    I own a Moto X which is a android device and ever sense the new update I haven’t been able to use it! App keeps freezing and crashing whenever I try opening a snap or even a snap video. I think that the developers should fix this problem ASAP and also maybe try removing some of the features like discover and live events as well. Those really slow the app down on start up cause its trying to load up all these things at once. Its also annoying with the discover and Live events cause I don’t see much use to them other than spreading news and sharing live events :/

  • ALee

    I have an HTC One M8, every time I go to take a video on Snapchat or even take a photo, the camera always seems to lag. So when I post a video on my story…its stuffed because it’s lagging. Help please I’m sick of this. >_<

  • ColleenE.M

    The biggest issue for me, on my HTC One M8, is not being able to even open snaps. The screen blinks as if it’s about to open it, and then it buffers and does it again; repeatedly. Oftentimes I have to power off my phone before it will start to work again, but with limited results.
    I’m getting extremely frustrated and rather annoyed.
    The odd thing is, this just started recently, much later since the last update.
    I hope a solution is discovered and utilized in a timely manner, as SnapChat was my go-to app – at the top of my list – and has rapidly descended to the bottom of said list. If I can’t use it properly, I won’t use it at all.

  • Rolf

    Latest snapchat slows down all activity on my phone. So I downgraded to older version and now my account gets locked with snapchat team accusing me for using third party apps..? I don’t, only using older version just to keep the phone form beeing useless. Any tips for speeding up the new snapchat?

  • Shawna

    I have the galaxy note 4 and snapchat is SO slow. Getting very annoyed because of it, as I use snapchat all the time.

  • Chris

    I have all of the problems listed also….Galaxy note 3

  • Kevin

    I have the S4, snapchat runs terribly on it. But it is the same problems previously mentioned. (Long sending and receiving times, long time to load snap, will cut snap short when trying to view snap, pour front camera quality, and sometimes the snap won’t even send even on a 4G or wifi connection)

  • April

    I have the s4 and I am annoyed! Snapchat has taken such a long time to load and get a photo to look at takes at the least 5 minutes to open a photo

  • Vic

    Time for a new update I guess. Agree with Katie, and the rest of you. Samsung galaxy s3

  • katie

    I hold down on my picture snaps like always but it takes sometimes up to a minute of me pressing down for the picture to open. Then it only shows up for a second or so and goes off before I can finish reading or even processing what the picture says. And the camera keeps freezing in the app too! I cant take picture or videos without the screen freezing.

    • leelo1898


    • Nattugla

      I got the same problem.

    • Kerrigan


    • brunohoo

      same right here, hope that this can be fixed soon!

    • Toby

      same her 🙁

    • Cecilie

      same :/

    • Psychosociality

      Adding my voice to this, exactly my problem. At first I thought it was just my phone, then checked with others who use android and they all got the same thing.

    • rose

      That’s the same problem I’ve been having, 100%. I have a samsung galaxy s3.

    • jash

      yup got his dumb issue as well. Thought it was my phone, but then I got a new phone and same problem

    • Justin

      My problem exactly, HTC One M8

      • ColleenE.M

        My problem too — HTC One M8

  • Don

    I’m also still having this issue. So many videos i never get to see. It’s frustrating

  • Adrian Francis

    I think that this new update just made everything worse. I’m having ALL of the problems listed above.