iOS 8 QuickType keyboard missing in beta 2

- Jun 18, 2014

The latest iOS 8 beta 2 update brings many bug fixes, but also creates a few new problems as well for both iPad and iPhone owners. We’ve been hands-on with our developer since the download went live, and the QuickType keyboard went missing when texting on an iPhone 5 since updating to iOS 8 beta 2.

We’re not alone, as you’d expect with millions of developers, and we’ve received some feedback from our Dev readers with similar issues. One Product Reviews reader said, “I’ve been using the QuickType keyboard a lot with my iPhone 5S in the first iOS 8 beta and since I installed the update it has disappeared. Not only will my iMessage app crash, but I just can’t find the QuickType keyboard anywhere and it won’t display by swiping up like before iOS 8 beta 2”.

Another added, “every time I go to iMessage on my iPhone 5, or Messages app on the iPad mini it’s crashing. The moment you touch the text box to type, the screen freezes and you have to force quite the app. I’m totally lost where the iOS 8 QuickType keyboard went, it has been missing since I updated to beta 2″.


If you’re a developer, has your QuickType keyboard gone missing? We’ve tried to find out how to get the QuickType keyboard to display the quick terms when typing, but have only had them return on our developers iOS devices once. There was no problem with beta 1, so it seems like this problem is something new and created after fixing many other issues.

The iOS 8 beta 3 release date is expected to fall within the next 2 weeks, thanks to Apple normally being pretty quick at releasing new downloads to developers in the first couple of months after beta 1.

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  • Bill Downing

    Just hold the smiley face icon at the bottom of the keyboard to the left of the space
    bar for two or three seconds. There it is listed with your other loaded keyboards..

  • Phil

    2 things:

    1) the quick type feature hasn’t gone missing. Your developer should pay more attention. It does get hidden easily, you have to swipe up on the tiny gray bar above the keyboard. Usually takes a few attempts to get it right. And it hides itself at seemingly random moments.

    2) I’ve found the solution to iMessage freezing. Disable your “emoji” keyboard (the smiley faces one) and all iMessage freezing stops!

  • Ross Mondschain

    My QuickType has gone missing on a brand new iPhone 5s

  • Francesco Vezzo Vezzoli

    My iPhone 5 has The QuickType keyboard but i have The same problem of Who have said that The screen freezes…

  • Born

    See the thick gray bar where it used to be? Put your finger on the gray bar and swipe up.

    • Ross Mondschain

      thanks. That worked, but will never work as a final design choice. WAY too hidden.