iOS 8 iMessage freezing when texting in beta 2

By Peter Chubb - Jun 18, 2014

Having spent a few hours with iOS 8 beta 2 our developers were able to share details as to most of the change list compared to beta 1, and it is clear that many improvements have been made. However, as ever a new issue has arisen, as all text messages are completely locking up.

When clicking messages on an iPad our developer has seen some problems with freezing, but in iMessage on an iPhone 5 running iOS 8 beta 2 there seems to be constant freezing when trying to type a text message. This wasn’t the case with beta 1, and it’s now impossible to text anyone on the iPhone at this time with iOS 8 beta 2. It is for this reason why he never replied to my text this morning, which then led to a long phone conversation.

This might not be the case for all developers using iOS 8 beta 2 on an iPhone, but with 9 million developers and a number of Product Reviews developer readers sharing similar issues, we expect this to be a new bug with iOS 8 beta 2.

iOS 8 iMessage freezing

It should be noted our developer was able to send texts in iMessage if they were done through Handoff on an iMac running OS X 10.10 preview 2, which is done through the Apple Mac Messages app.

Our developer did find a workaround for this iOS 8 beta 2 problem on his iPhone, and that was to go into contacts, then select a contact, scroll to the bottom and then select Send Message. This seems to be the only way in which he can send a text message.

Our developer will attempt to reinstall iOS 8 beta 2 to test if this was a bad install, although we ask that you leave your comments if you’re using the second beta on an iPhone and having similar issues.

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    workaround: open new txt msg. click the camera icon instead of typing in the text box. choose any photo. photo appears in txt box. delete photo. type text and send. 🙂

  • Zee

    Had the same issue, did a reinstall of iOS 8 but the problem got worse. It’s definitely a glitch that has to be fixed. Another issue came with photos. When trying to delete videos I get a constant “can not decode” message. And bug report freezes when you’re trying to send an issue with lots of logs and pics… My iPhone 5’s a mess right now!

  • Corey Crooks

    Same issue here. It is fine for any on that I already have a thread open with, however when starting a new thread it freezes. This work around does work. Noticed problems also with the app store where the feature section will display in the top charts and the search. Also random lock screen freezes.

  • Kevin

    I am having same issues, phone just freezes when trying to send a message to. Anew contact. Or phone freezing when trying to reply to a text.
    How do you resolve?

  • Phil

    I found the problem – it’s to do with having the “emoji” keyboard! (The one with all the smiley faces).

    Disable that keyboard in settings and all the iMessage freezing problems go away 🙂

  • Матт Реякіпѕ

    iOS 8 beta 2 affects third party message apps as well not just the official messages app. Originally I just thought the issues with the third-party messages apps were from the apps not being made compatible with iOS 8 yet but when the Messages app itself froze with me trying to send a text, I realized the OS was the issue not the apps.

    I agree to disable the predictive typing option because it doesn’t seem like app or any developers have updated their apps for that new feature. Third-party developers it’s understandable but it’s inexcusable for Apple even in beta form.

    If that doesn’t fix the issue, then just revert back to iOS 7.1.1 and then go back to iOS 8 beta 1. Of course to downgrade to iOS 7.1.1 you will need to put your device into sleep mode first and have the 7.1.1 IPSW file on hand in case it won’t restore with the simple restore button.

  • TommyT

    try disabling spellcheck and predictive text to resolve the freezing issue

  • Eugeniu Rata

    in my case is even worse, I cannot even activate the iMessage service, is says “Waiting for activation…” then spits out an error and that’s it. Looks like the iPhone got “bricked” with the beta2.

  • Jetbluebob

    I actually had that issue on beta 1. The message app wouldn’t allow me to type a message. The bar wouldn’t show up. I just did a complete power down.

    The work around – contacts – select name, then select the chat icon.

  • zach

    its horrible i may roll back to beta 1

  • nic

    huge problems. messages always freeze and no data can be loaded on wifi or lte. do not go up to beta 2. beta 1 was fine.

  • Wolfw

    I found if you hide the QuickType keyboard that it does this. Go into the app. Go into a message. Unhide the QuickType keyboard. The app will lock up. Close the app in app switcher and then go back in. The QuickType keyboard should be visible and you should be able to text again. Don’t try and hide the keyboard.

    • Pkerwin

      unhiding seems to fix it on my end as well – though i did have to close out the app first, and then shut it down from the multi-task window.

  • Woodse

    Issues with texting using iMessage. Selecting name and then try and text and nothing comes up. Just freezes. Tried reboot and still nothing.