GTA V Online Heists delay explained

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 18, 2014

The speculation surrounding Rockstar’s silence about their Grand Theft Auto V Online Heists release date has been overwhelming for some, but today we saw Rockstar break that silence thanks to an official statement left below their Hipster blog post.

Rockstar’s reason for delaying GTA V Online Heists DLC basically comes down to development issues, and Rockstar even admitted it should have released before the end of spring. This is the first comment Rockstar has made about GTA Online Heists since they mentioned a launch by the end of spring, so it will be just what some frustrated gamers needed after a lot of complaining in the comments area.

There’s a lot more than just Heists coming to GTA V, and the wording seen above reveals a lot in terms of a possible release date for Heists DLC. The fact that Rockstar said, “as soon as we can” means there’s no release time set thanks to these development problems.

You can expect other DLC and online updates with patch 1.15 though, and we’d expect Heists to be more of a surprise release now thanks to Rockstar obviously not wanting to commit on a release window after failing to meet the last one.

There is some rumors and worries that GTA V Online Heists will release with PS4, Xbox One, and PC in fall. At this time that’s just speculation, but time will tell considering there’s only a few months until the release on new platforms.

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  • Chris Bogerty

    Rockstar is full of crap! They only want to sell in game money. All the years they spent making this game and can’t get it right. But the money cards were up ASAP. So if they wanna stop hackers and cheaters, give us better ways to make money !

  • Brian Deadmanwalkin Colby

    Once i heard them say bring gta on next gen’s and pc i knew it would get delayed so im not shocked at all and thinkin us 360 and ps3 was beta tester’s

  • HonestJohnnis

    Too little too late.. Probably should have spent less time punishing the community and more time developing the platform.